The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 1

The Galaxy Being

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1963 on ABC

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  • Galaxy Being is one of those episodes that keeps you on the edge of your seat. One of the better episodes of this series.

    I love old SciFi shows and movies. My all time favorite TV series was The Outer Limits with its creepy introduction and mature story lines. Today, one must remember and keep in miind that this was all very high tech stuff for the time. The 1950's and early 1960's were the new Atomic age in America. Everything was about outer space and atomic radiation. Galaxy Being played into both of those exploited fears. The episode starts out using the old and tried electricity as the feared unknown force as a radio station operator uses the radio stations power and equipment to attempt to contact a being from outer space. This, in typical SciFi fashion, leaves him little time for his wife and friends who long for his attention and affection. But he will have none of that, he is on an adventure, an adventure to be the first human on earth to contact a being from another galaxy. Much to his suprise, just as pressure from his wife and brother are mounting, he actually makes contact with a strange and erie being from another galaxy. He has somehow worked out an alogrithim computer that can decipher the beings binary code signals into human speach and they communicate with each other. Important questions are asked and answered about such topics as their physical make up, death, war, and God. The inevitable interruption of his wife drags the man away from the biggest discovery of his lifetime. While away for a short hour at an event honoring him, a stand in DJ who wants to be famous increases the signal power to 100% and the being is transported to earth. It breaks out of the 3 dimentional signal aparatus, and partakes in a search for the station owner. Unbeknown to the being, he is giving off high levels of radiation (see I told you they'd work the radiation thing in there) which are harmful and deadly to humans. The being is also nitrogen based and is in conflict with our carbon based world. This gives the being some powers like the ability to walk up to a door and have it give way from the power it is eminating. The DJ who brought the being to earth by disobeying his bosses orders is killed, and a warehouse worker is burned with radiation. The being continues down into town where it curiously roams the streets and enters a pawn shop and examines items inside. The being eventually finds the station owner and is wreaking havoc in the twon hall until the station owner conveys that his radiation is harmful to humans that he must follow him back to the station. Back at the station the being explains what happened and bears out what the station owners saw in the killed DJ and burned warehouse worker. The being explains that he cannot go back as his fellow beings will execute him because he has broken the laws and contacted the beings from earth. As on cue the inept police and military show up with their guns and jeeps. The station owners wife goes to the door to tell them they are alright and some moron shoots her fatally wounding her. The being is able to save her life before he goes out and speaks to the people who, as is typical for these shows, start shooting with the machine guns. But the being is able to convey his message as to why other beings will not contact earthlings, and that earthlings basically need to grow up and start using their resources for good things and learn about the universe. After its speach, the being goes back in and says final goodbyes of sorts to the station owner then dissapates. Everyone goes home, the creepy music starts, and the announcer gives their omnibus warning to mankind.