The Outer Limits - Original

Season 2 Episode 10

The Inheritors (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1964 on ABC
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A soldier falls in Vietnam, felled by an unusual bullet. Miraculously, he survives long enough to be sent to the US for an operation. Adam Ballard, the Assistant to the Secretary of Science, apprises his boss of the situation. Lt. Minns survived, but now has a second brainwave pattern, much stronger than his own. Just like the other three. All four experience dramatic increases in intelligence, over 200. And new interests: biochemistry, metallurgy, physics and finance. And each seem to be driven to a mysterious goal, unknown even to themselves. Ballard tracks down each of them, or tries to. Conover turns away from the Swedish shipyard where he was working because he seems to sense that Ballard is inside, talking to his supervisor. Ballard learns that Hadley (now in South America searching for the herb rara coelensis) was working on ventilation systems. Conover had devised new alloys which were stronger and lighter than the original metals. And he finds that Renaldo has invented an anti-gravity device. "I've beaten gravity.", he tells Ballard bitterly. He has no joy over his accomplishment. He had no choice in the matter. The unknown mission required that he do it, and he did. Minns, with his interest in finance, is financing the whole operation. And more. He's contacting children, asking them to accompany him. As part one closes, Ballard and other feds have Minns' apartment surrounded.moreless

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    James Shigeta

    James Shigeta

    AIO Captain Newa

    Guest Star

    Dabbs Greer

    Dabbs Greer

    E. F. Larkin

    Guest Star

    Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall

    Adam Ballard

    Guest Star

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      • Control Voice: (opening narration) In the troubled places of the world. The devil's hunter finds rare game. For man-made savagery is only the instrument for a secret terror stirring from its dark place of ambush.

      • Control Voice: (closing narration) Man looks up at the stars and dreams his futile dreams. Child of the universe, his toys are ignorance. His games fantasy. Not even the master of his own fate, it is the devil's puppeteer who stretches his fingers to answer the question what will happen next?

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