The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 4

The Man With the Power

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 1963 on ABC

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  • The floating thunderstorm

    I've always kinda liked that little floating thunderstorm thingie. Not sure why Pleasence opts for the ending he chose when there was the (fairly obvious) alternative of simply surgically removing that glowing doodad in his skull; but then, I don't suppose there would've been too much drama to that, would there? :) It is also interesting to note that, although his wife is rather shrewish, there ultimately proves to be more to her character than just that one-sided facet.
  • A good episode to watch!

    This episode, much like many of this series, focuses on one man and what happens when a government experiment gives him incredible and deadly power he accesses on a subconscious level. At first, the man, who is portrayed by Donald Pleasance in his usual understated way, is unaware of what is happening around him but becomes aware of the power near the end. The decision he makes at the end of the episode is shown somewhat abruptly but is keeping with the timing and pacing of the show.

    I really enjoyed this episode on many levels. The appearance of the dark cloud, at the behest of Pleasance's subconscious desires, foretells moments of intense fear as we see an individual literally disappear when the cloud envelops them. The range of emotions the characters portray add a depth to the show that is welcome to those watching it.

    A solid episode that makes one think on many levels......
  • Donald Pleasence plays a man who, feeling he is a failure, submits to an operation which gives him the power to move objects. What he learns over time, to his torment, is that it also gives him the power to destroy people, including those he loves.

    The special effects, for the most part, were good in this episode. The 'storm clouds' that signal impending doom for the main character's foes are fun to watch. I recognized Ed Platt ("Chief"), who plays--guess who?--his boss. There is a good scene with the man's wife (she says that she didn't even want to bear him a child). The one decent relationship the main character has is with an astronaut who will undergo the same operation. It is only when **spoiler alert** the Pleasence character realizes the 'power' is evil that he decides he must do the right thing. He walks into the operating room and kills both the surgeon and himself.