The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 25

The Mutant

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 1964 on ABC

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  • My rating: 2 - Poor

    "The Mutant" seems entirely slapped together. While the bulging eyeballs of mutant Reese are fun, the rest of the episode isn't. From the cheesy, studded 2x4 walls of the living quarters to the recycled, mutated Zanti Misfit, it all seems so cheap. The story, which there isn't much of, basically consists of people going in and out of doors and running back and forth between the compound and a cave.The silliness of Betsy Jones-Moreland as Julie running through the woods in high heels and tight skirt is really too much to take. The love affair of Julie and Dr. Evan Marshall is dwelled upon far too long, in fact the whole relationship hardly seems necessary at all. The best scene is when Reese catches Chandler trying to tell Dr. Marshall about Reese's murderous ways. It's a good scene which is strangely shown in the two minute teaser before the control voice signals the opening credits. To have it repeated just a few minutes into the program is ridiculous. There is a decent effect that occurs when Reese touches someone. Simply laying his hand on his victims stuns then disintegrates them. The effect looks a lot like the "phaser" effect made famous in Star Trek. "The Mutant" is not up to par with most other Outer Limits episodes and probably won't appeal to anyone other than the most hardcore fan of the show.

    My rating: 2 - Poor
  • Warren Oates becomes a mutant when he is caught in a radioactive shower while working with a team of scientists. He becomes bald, his eyes become huge, and he can read thoughts. His paranoia turns him against the crew, and they struggle to survive.

    Very scary. The viewer is both drawn to the mutant, as he fights to remain sane, and repulsed by him, as he destroys the crew, one by one. There are disturbing questions here, namely, how responsible are we for our actions? How do we deal with people who are different? **Spoiler alert** Could the two scientists who survived have helped the mutant, or was his fate inevitable? Why were they drawn to a place that was so desolate in the first place? The make-up for Warren Oates was incredible, and you actually are terrified to look at him without his goggles.
  • If this is the one I've been looking for...

    Of all the Outer Limits episodes that I remember, I believe it is this one that impressed me most. Remember too that I was about six or seven at the time this aired. However, it is one of the three that I remember distinctly. First of all, I loved that insane rain effect, I loved the against-all-advice repercussion morality, and as I said, if this is the one, I adored the moment when he takes off the goggles and has those huge egg eyes! This was the ultimate,pivotal Outer Limits episode for me. There were two others that I love as well so I am off to find those...