The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 30

The Production and Decay of Strange Particles

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 1964 on ABC

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  • My rating: 4 - Fair

    There\'s a ton of science blathered about here. This is definitely a second-rate Outer Limits episode but after watching \"Production And Decay Of Strange Particles\" a couple of times through, it has become more appealing. The acting is nothing special here, in fact the portrayal of cowardly hero Dr. Marshall (George MacReady) is really over-the-top. His staccato readings of dramatic scatter-shot physics is pratically funny. The story itself is very confusing, especially the time-reversal theory thrown out by Dr. Marshall. I didn\'t catch it until the second viewing. The atomic blue light zombies are some sort of odd representation of a chain reaction from some other-dimensional creatures...or something to that effect. The claw-handed radiation suits and the furnace reactor special effects were appealing. The screwball atomic bomb that Dr. Marshall slapped together was not. Overall, \"Production And Decay Of Strange Particles\" gets a higher grade from me than it probably should, based on it\'s attempt to tackle the hard science of the interesting subject of atomic power.

    My rating: 4 - Fair
  • The unknown dangers within atoms...

    This episode is about how a unknown form of nuclear particles suddenly turn anyone who came into contact into some sort of humanoid monster composed of nuclear energy. A nuclear scientist & his wife (George MacReady & Signe Hasso) confront the impending doom with courage & steely determination to avert a catastrophe.

    This episode was a bit heavy on the Sci-Fi element, but that's what makes this particular episode quite riveting.

    When i first saw this episode on TV, as a young boy i was afraid that such a disaster could happen should a nuclear reactor go out of control, but i realize now that such a thing could not happen.

    The Production And Decay Of Strange Particles is just 1 of the many episodes from the 1st season of The Outer Limits i will always remember.
  • Acceptably written and fair acting, the premise was hard science fiction but the science was fanciful, worth watching.

    This was an acceptably written episode; the dialog was kind of corny, I found story to be compelling. Kind of hammy acting, the presentation evoked little emotion; I was not on the edge of my seat but it kept my interest. The premise was hard science fiction but the science was way wrong even for what was known about particle physics at the time. Almost every character dies; I find this more compelling than when everyone barely escapes death. At the time the public was afraid of nuclear power, (with good reason due to the red menace) and this story plays on that. I especially liked the radiation suit with channel-locks for manipulators. Worth watching.
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