The Outer Limits - Original

Season 2 Episode 8

Wolf 359

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1964 on ABC
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A college professor recreates the environment of a distant planet in order to study its evolution... which happens quickly.

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  • A ho-hum episode

    The Outer Limits is always entertaining and if you enjoy the series you should enjoy this episode. Having said that, this is one of those average episodes, that is definitely not a must see. It's a bit slow, the monster is not very intimidating and there's really no "wow factor" in the climax.

    But as I said I was entertained. The actor who plays the "investor" is Renault from Casablanca. It took me a second to key in on that. And one of the things thats fantastic about old television is that it is in some ways a time capsule of our culture. It was fascinating to see how the husband and wife interacted. She implicitly supported her husband as she was his priority though most of it. I love when he gets out of the lab and she's waiting for him fully dressed up with a martini for him. They dress for dinner. They take a night off and go out dancing. It's interesting how the show shows us the fantasy of what life should be like from a 60's perspective. In 2012, dressing for dinner sounds bizarre. I think observing the main character's marriage was more interesting to me than the science fiction story.

    If you're a fan, check it out. If you're trying to introduce someone to the series, avoid this episode.moreless
Patrick O'Neal

Patrick O'Neal

Johnathan Meredith

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Sara Shane

Sara Shane

Ethel Meridith

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Peter Haskell

Peter Haskell

Peter Jellicoe

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    • Control Voice: (closing narration) There is a theory that earth and sun and galaxy and all the known universes are only a dustmote on some policeman's uniform in some gigantic superworld. Couldn't we be under some super microscope right now.

    • Jonathan Meridith: Final report, Dundee Planet, star system Wolf 359. The experiment is finished. My planet is destroyed. My recommendation to the Dundee Foundation change the planet selected. Its not a place we can land our spacemen, but the project is feasible. A planet can be recreated in a laboratory. The odds are... the odds are, Mr Dundee, the next time... the next time, it'll be a place of some love and warmth like our planet Earth.

    • Control Voice: (opening narration) Outward stretches the quest for truth. Stars without end. Timeless infinities. A billion billion galaxies. Man's imagination reaches out and out while betimes the farthest reaches of knowledge are found in the smallest places.

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    • Wolf 359, the site of the planet simulated in this episode, is a real location. It is a small variable red dwarf 7.8 light years from Earth. It lies within the astronomical boundaries of Leo, but is not part of the visible constellation - with a visible magnitude of 13, it cannot be seen without a telescope, even though it is the third known closest star to our solar system (only the Alpha Centauri system and Barnard's Star are closer). It was discovered in 1918 by German astronomer Max Wolf on photographic plates. Wolf 359 is the star's most common name; it has alternate designations from other star catalogues: CN Leonis, GCTP 2553, GJ 406, G 045-020, LTT 12923, LFT 750 and LHS 36.