The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 1964 on ABC

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  • A "Killer Bee" of an Episode

    A strange love triangle between two human beings and a queen bee? It must be The Outer Limits! A happily married couple is threatened by a queen bee incarnated as a beautiful young woman posing as a lab assistant. At first she seems harmless enough, but as time progresses, she shows her true colors as her evil intentions are uncovered. Mild mannered Ben Fields is an award winning entomologist who can "talk to the animals," that is, the bees. He has invented a device which allows two-way communication between humans and bees. Little does he suspect that he is their target. Science fiction at its best.
  • Good example of an offbeat approach to dramatic tensions in everyday life

    This episode is representative of the series, taking an everyday situation and placing it in a most unusual context. In this case, another woman challenges the stability of a married man's life, but the spin the Outer Limits places on it is, what if the man were an insect scientist being sought by a mysterious girl who is actually a queen bee wanting to mate?! As with almost all other episodes it sounds a bit ridiculous, but the principal actors play off each other well, especially Joanna Frank as a most mysterious but attractive woman with unusual mannerisms, heightening the tension in the household as the jealous wife resents the intrusion of a female. As always, the narration implies lessons regarding humanity vs. anyone else, whether aliens or insects, but the real fun is in the offbeat idea and interesting acting of the main characters which brings a new approach to the age-old predicament of jealousy in human life.
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