The Outer Limits

Season 1 Episode 12

Dark Matters

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 02, 1995 on Showtime

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  • Good science-fiction, good drama, and a fine example of what you miss if you insist that your dramas must be good for five years of 22 episodes...

    I came across this episode of OL whilst channel hopping - and stopped hopping.

    OL again and again shows that if you let people explore an idea, you can produce some excellent television - especially if you don't force them to "develop" the idea into something which can run for five years of 20+ episodes, so you end up with something chock full of "filler" material and can hardly discern the original idea at all.

    It's a neat idea, uncluttered with "star trek" backstory or constraints of "knowing" how to solve such a problem or why it can't happen. The science doesn't "take over", it just sets the scene. The parts are well defined and well played. If the FX are not "award winning" it doesn't matter - they're quite good enough to suit the piece, they are, after all, not the point.