The Outer Limits

Showtime (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Human Trials
      Episode 22
      A decorated soldier undergoes life-and-death tests for a mysterious mission.
    • The Human Factor
      Episode 21
      In the year 2059, humans fight an android whose artificial intelligence has determined that the spread of colonization by destructive humans must be stopped.
    • Dark Child
      Episode 20
      Single mother Laura Sinclair is a woman with a past. But not the kind one usually thinks of or, in fact, anyone will believe. Seventeen years ago Laura was abducted by aliens, but no one would accept her story as true. Now she is confronted with the horror of those memories again, when a tabloid runs a piece on alien abductions and she is prominently featured. The article and her recurring nightmares threaten to distance her from her moody teenaged daughter, Tammy. But Tammy's new English teacher, Marcus Fellows seems to have quite a positive effect on her. Laura seeks him out and discovers that she too, is drawn to this relaxed, attentive man who seems strangely familiar to her. As her flashbacks continue, Laura begins to suspect that she and Marcus have a shared past, but why has he come back now and what does he want from them?moreless
    • The Tipping Point
      Episode 19
      A programmer who claimed someone was out to get him mysteriously vanishes after trying to download some software from the company's mainframe. His replacement finds out there is a secret project, called Prometheus, to create a universal language that will allow any computer to instantaneously talk to any other computer. If instantaneous communication between millions of computers can be achieved the computers may act as neurons within the brain in which non-thinking computers merge into a thinking intelligence - the tipping point. When this happens someone will be able to rule the world by using computers.moreless
    • Lion's Den
      Episode 18
      A high-school wrestling team takes new drugs which cause some unexpected changes.
    • Rule of Law
      Episode 17
      A circuit court judge goes to a frontier planet that has never known the judicial system. His first trial is of an alien accused of being in an attack where several humans were killed.
    • Abduction
      Episode 16
      An alien makes an offer to five high school students.
    • Time to Time
      Episode 15
      A dedicated daughter trips back in time to change her Dad's destiny.
    • Mindreacher
      Episode 14
      A doctor puts her sanity on the line when testing a psychological tool allowing her to enter her patients' minds.
    • Free Spirit
      Episode 13
      A strange entity possesses schizophrenics in a mental asylum.
    • Flower Child
      Episode 12
      A spore from space falls to earth in an elderly woman's roof garden. The flower that sprouts sends out tendrils that ensnare the old woman. Meanwhile, Mia and Chris, a newly engaged couple, move into an apartment down the hall. The gardener's apartment is now inhabited by Violet, an enigmatic and overpoweringly seductive woman, challenges the young couple's ideas of commitment and monogamy. When she succeeds in nudging Chris over the line, the consequences of infidelity turn out to have serious consequences, not just for Mia and Chris, but for the world at large.moreless
    • In the Blood
      Episode 11
      Callie Whitehorse Landau, an astrophysicist of Navajo heritage and her husband Alec, an expert in space medicine are asked to embark on an astounding exploratory mission into space led by NASA Flight Crew Director James Dreeden. Along with Dr. Louisa Kennedy, a navigation expert, the small team of four pass through a quantum hole torn into the very fabric of the universe and enter another continuum, a trans-space just beneath its surface. It is unlike anything the crew has ever seen but for Callie, trans-space triggers vivid hallucinations and a powerful realization that their presence has caused a serious imbalance in the universal order. Dreeden is determined to return to earth with their startling discoveries, but Callie is convinced the survey ship's re-entry could have disastrous consequences for all of humanity.moreless
    • Worlds Within
      Episode 10
      A female physicist suffering from a terminal disease starts to have visions of a boy in a vegetative state.
    • Alien Shop
      Episode 9
      An alien shapeshifter who is the purveyor of a very unusual antique and bric-a-brac store has some very interesting lessons to offer earthly residents. In the guise of an elderly shopkeeper, he enjoys providing his customers with unique and strangely powerful gifts. One such customer is Andy Pace, a chronically unemployed petty criminal who wants to take care of his pregnant wife Gabi, but preferably not by working. Although he knows he should do the right thing, for her and his unborn child, Andy is fighting a losing battle against his lifelong patterns. His true nature is revealed when the alien shopkeeper lets him take a magic wallet that keeps filling up... with other people's money! The price of good fortune, however, turns out to be extremely high.moreless
    • 6/15/01
      Michael Burr is the only permanent human occupant of the Tuulen station, situated on a vast empty plain of the Moon. His companions are the Hanen, an emotionless lizard-like alien species who have developed a highly advanced means of long distance travel by 'jumping' through space. Achieved by creating an exact duplicate of the jumper, the copy is reconstituted at the destination point and the original destroyed, thus leaving only one. Kamala Shastri is one of the test jumpers to arrive for travel to the planet Gend, but in the final stage of the transfer, something inexplicable happens. Confirmation of her duplicate's arrival is not received from Gend and the procedure is temporarily aborted. When it's later determined that Kamala's copy does indeed exist, Michael is called upon to balance the equation and eliminate the original. Michael knows the human race is desperate to access a technology that would allow them to leave behind a planet now virtually destroyed by pollution and over population. He also knows it is imperative that he avoid a protocol breach with the Hanen, but can he bring himself to kill Kamala?moreless
    • Replica
      Episode 7
      Pioneers in biogenetic research, Nora Griffiths and her husband Zach have successfully created the world's first perfectly cloned organs. But Nora wants to take the ultimate step and also replicate the synaptic array of the human brain. This would conceivably allow the full cloning of a human, an illegal procedure vehemently opposed by their business partner Peter Chandler. She convinces Zach to apply her discovery and download her own thought and brain patterns, but when the process is complete, she is left in a deep coma. One year later, with no hope that his wife will ever regain conciousness, Zach is driven by despair to make a clone of Nora using the technology he has since perfected. The clandestine procedure is a complete success. Nora's mind and body seem to have been duplicated in every way and Nora II is born. With his wife back, everything in Zach's world is perfect once more, until the real thing wakes up...moreless
    • Mona Lisa
      Episode 6
      Stunningly beautiful, Mona Lisa is the Mata Hari of the twenty first century. She's a spy, an assassin and... an android. Mona is a billion dollar experiment equipped with a body of astonishing strength and a brain the equivalent of sixty four Cray computers. Capable of self learning but haunted by her programmed capacity to kill, Mona escapes the confines of the laboratory and disappears into the night. Circumstance introduces her to Teddy, a tough, disillusioned woman. An unlikely alliance is formed between the two as she helps Mona evade capture. The android desperately wants to experience friendship and caring, emotions Teddy has worked hard to avoid for a long time. As Mona's creators close in on her whereabouts, she proves her ultimate worth in ways no one could ever have imagined.moreless
    • The Vessel
      The Vessel
      Episode 5
      The year is 2006. Civilian Jake Worthy, an arrogant, self-absorbed best-selling author is a passenger on the Space Shuttle INSPIRE, circling above the earth. But as it prepares to land, something goes horribly wrong. The Shuttle explodes on impact and everyone on board is killed, except Jake, who walks away from the crash without injury. Mission Supervisor James Harding and Chief Medical Officer Dr. George Bader are at a loss to find any scientific explanation for his miraculous survival. As time passes, Jake's usual callous behavior gives way to uncharacteristic concern for others, haunting regrets, and the need to take stock of his life. Ongoing tests reveal a transformation in his body chemistry, making him impervious to personal injury and able to heal others. Plagued by worsening headaches and desperate for answers, Jake escapes from the Quarantine Center and discovers an alien entity fighting for its own survival inside his body.moreless
    • The Surrogate
      The Surrogate
      Episode 4
      Claire Linkwood is the perfect candidate for the surrogate birth mother program at the Deanston Clinic. She's young, healthy, driven by the need for money, and without family attachments. In Dr. Deanston's treatment room, Claire is successfully implanted with an embryo, instructed to join the clinic's surrogacy support group, eat well and ingest specially formulated vitamin pills daily. Then the bad dreams start. Vivid nightmares of her and the fetus in terrible distress. This is not an uncommon thing according to the doctor and the other women in her support group who have all experienced the same thing. But these assurances are undermined by her boyfriend, Ben, and Special Agent Grant of the FBI who has had her and other Deanston surrogacy birth mothers under surveillance. He warns her that all the babies born through his program have disappeared... as if they never existed. Claire refuses to believe his conspiracy theory until Ben convinces her to see another doctor, and that examination yields very alarming questions with no plausible answers.moreless
    • A New Life
      Episode 3
      Daniel is a young mover and shaker who has grown tired of the rat race and yearns to trade in his stressed out existence for one more spiritual and simple. He joins an order led by the seemingly benevolent and serene Father and, with his girlfriend Beth and best friend Thomas, boards the bus to the promised land bound for a new life, one that can only be attained, as Father says, through faith and service. But once there, Daniel senses that all is not right with Father and the safe haven he and the other followers have built for themselves may not be all it's cracked up to be.moreless
    • Patient Zero
      Episode 2
      The time portal is disengaged, and Beckett steps out of the machine only to discover that his visit to the past has not changed the present. Many millions of people are still dying of a mysterious plague and his mission, to kill the carrier and stop the epidemic before it ever gets started, has failed. With the very survival of the human race at stake, Beckett agrees to travel back into the past again, this time one week earlier than before, to remove the person scientists now believe to be Patient Zero, a woman named Amy Barrett. But a twist of fate will alter Beckett's resolve. Instead of eliminating Amy to arrest the plague, he believes he knows a way to save the humanity of the future without harming Amy in the present. Can the fate of mankind hinge on a single act? Or are we helpless to change our destiny?moreless
    • Family Values
      Episode 1
      Jerry Miller is a manager in a large corporation, who's demanding life is in chaos. His wife, Brooke, resentful of her husband's lack of attention to the family, takes the occasional sip of vodka. The kids behavior is unruly and their grades are poor. One night, Jerry sees an infomercial about the Gideon 4000 from Gideon Robotics, the latest in modern home conveniences. Both caretaker and caregiver, Gideon is programmed to help out in hundreds of different ways, and converse on any number of subjects. Jerry sees an end to his problems at home and orders the robot on a thirty day free trial. Upon delivery, Gideon quickly proves his worth. He cooks gourmet meals, keeps the house spotless, helps the kids with their homework and can throw a baseball too. Life is great until Jerry begins to realize Gideon's full influence on his family. Worried he's being replaced, Jerry tries to get rid of the robot, but he is the only one who wants Gideon gone. What are the consequences for the misplaced devotions of a workaholic family man?moreless
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