The Outer Limits

Season 3 Episode 17

Feasibility Study

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 1997 on Showtime
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A neighbourhood is ripped from the Earth by an alien race and transported to another planet. The aliens, the Triunes, are searching for a race to enslave.

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  • This is one of the more amazing and touching Outer Limits episodes.

    *Warning Spoilers*

    The show starts with a typical argument between a teenage daughter and her father over a boy she believes she loves. This ordinary setting is radically changed when their entire neighborhood is transplanted from the earth to another planet, unbeknownst to anyone who lives there. As the people figure out what has happened to them, tension between them develops and we wonder if they'll turn against one another and descend into violence and anarchy. There are touching scenes between the daughter and an ill alien whom she attempts to help. At first we think he may be one of the abductors, but he turns out to have been abducted himself. The father, on the other hand, meets the aliens who did do the kidnapping and learns of their sinister plans. The ending is what makes this episode especially powerful. Instead of fighting one another like that had begun to do earlier, the humans unite by choosing to sacrifice themselves rather than let the aliens enslave all of humankind. It's a beautiful scene in a church in which they infect one another with an alien disease by holding each others' hands. It's one of the more moving scenes in the history of the show. There were a few places where believability was stretched a little too far, which is the only reason I'm not giving this one a perfect ten. Other than that, this was about as excellent an episode as anyone could ask for.moreless
  • An upper middle class neighborhood wakes up one morning to find themselves cut off from the rest of the Earth. Only catch is, their neighborhood is no longer on Earth.

    If anyone has watched enough science fiction they'll start realizing that a lot of the imagination has gone. Often original story lines are older concepts placed in newer settings. While a lot of Outer Limits episodes are evidently inspired by old Twilight Zone episodes, they at least manage not to completely copy them. This is a perfect example of such an episode. The writers managed to walk the thin line between creativity and outright cannibalizing of ideas. Scenes from the Twilight Zone episodes The Shelter and Monsters on Maple Street are casually tossed into a story that takes about 30 minutes to get to the core questions of the episode: Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself to save the rest of humanity? Would you rather live as a slave or die free? Pretty much the only saving grace of this episode is the last minute's touching scene between feuding father and daughter where he offers his hand in a way that's practical, symbolic, and strangely beautiful.moreless
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