The Outer Limits

Season 6 Episode 12


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 05, 2000 on Showtime
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Tom and Wendy seem like the perfect couple, happy together and very much in love. But at night when Wendy sleeps, Tom has terrible memories about being stuck in a burning building with a crying baby. The nightmares, however, aren't real and neither is Tom. He's an android and the "memories" are bugs placed in his artificial intelligence by his creator, the late Joe Walker. Walker had originally created Tom to save humans from fires and other dangerous situations. However he anticipated that his colleague, Dr. Edward Normandy, might try to militarize the android and use him as a cyber-soldier-spy and planted the bugs as a way of forcing Normandy to upgrade Tom so the android could think for itself.moreless

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  • Who is the real robot?

    A guy working on a secret government project discovers he is a robot.

    This story was pretty good.

    There were decent special effects involving the android robot. His character was kind of flat until the end.

    His handler was kind of interesting though. She was in on everything (well, almost) about the project. She was the one that showed the most initiative of the two of them.

    Too much was made of "processor speed" as the seat of emotion in this story. The human brain operates at a frequency rate of 40 cycles per second (40 Hz). Today's computers operate at a frequency of 3 GHz and often incorporate 2 complete CPUs on the same chip.

    If speed was what really mattered, our computers would be throwing hissy fits and temper tantrums all over the place. Obviously, they have other issues but emotions are not one of them.

    The plot twists in this episode were extra good.moreless
  • One of the last great stories in the series.

    The show at the time might have started to lose a bit of it's footing when it came close to the end. But there were still good stories and this is one of them. This is another Philp K. Dick like story. It deal with the not just the concept about what makes people human but it's about free will. Even though he is aware the more he discovers the truth about himself that he's an android of what the goverment is proposing to him and is even slightly tempted by his wife for their wishes. He has the feelings and desires like any other person so he knows that he will never be free from their control and would never be able to live the life he wants. From his resistance and constant evashion of the goverment down to a supprising twist of an ending. It goes to show the importance of why we should never let anything or anyone deside who we are and what were suppose to do with our lives. Only we can choose who we are and where we go with our lives.moreless

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