The Outer Limits

Season 2 Episode 12

Inconstant Moon

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 1996 on Showtime

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  • A lonely scientist discovers when the moon suddenly brightens that the sun has gone nova, and that he has only a few hours to live and set right his life.

    Based on a short story written by Larry Niven, this is my favorite Outer Limits episode. What would you do if you knew the world was going to end before the night was over? The episode faithfully captures the essence of the short story without filling the story with useless Hollywood melodrama. The acting is quite good, and the special effects are top notch for the day. Anyone who is interested in seeing a worthy adaptation of a classic piece of science fiction literature should find a way to see this episode. Hopefully it will come out on DVD in the near future.