The Outer Limits

Season 3 Episode 4

Last Supper

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1997 on Showtime

Episode Recap

A mid-aged couple is preparing dinner for the upcoming arrival of their son and his girlfriend. They are both excited about this, but the father's excitement rapidly fades away as he lays his eyes on his son's girlfriend. Frank is an ex-Vietnam fighter who has performed some government job in a secret military facility 20 years ago. As he sees his son's, Danny's, girlfriend, he remembers bits and pieces of what he has done. He acts pretty strange around the girl, but nobody asks him nothing. They go on with the dinner,as Frank goes on with his memories. He remembers guarding some sort of secret lab where a scientist named Sinclair and his assistant were performing what appeared to be very painful experiments on a girl that resembled quite much to the very girl that was having dinner with them. In a break he asks her what does she want, supposing she is the woman's daughter. She reveals to him that she's in fact the exact same woman he had saved from that secret lab. He cannot believes what he hears and keeps remembering how he had listened to the poor woman's screams and finally cut her loose, only to be surprised by the mad scientist. After his refusal to give her back to them, Sinclair had took his gun and accidentally blown up the lab. They both escaped by jumping through a window and went to a hiding place. Apparently the scientist had survived too, but thought her dead in the explosion. He only recently saw her on the news and now was coming towards her to complete his experiment. Jade, or Laura as Frank used to know her, tells him her secret: she was born many centuries ago and was the only survivor of a town decimated by the Great Plague. After her miraculous survival, she stopped aging and has lived like that ever since. Sinclair was trying to figure out why has that happened and how he could make a cure for aging from her blood. Frank still can't believe what he's hearing and she convinces him by showing a picture of her. Considering that the picture was from a photo album of famous wives from the Middle Eve, he is pretty convinced. She then goes to Danny's room and leaves Frank to his recollections. He further remembers how the two of them had sex at their hiding place, after which they parted ways never to meet again...until now. Still untrusting, he thinks of something only the Laura he knew could have: a beauty spot on her chest. He goes to her room and asks her. She shows him the beauty spot and he is fully convinced, only to be surprised by his son while his girlfriend was sitting half-naked next to him. Danny imagines the worst and rushes down the stairs. His father follows him and explains everything, but his son refuses to believe and hits him. Then Laura/Jade comes downstairs and confirms his story, telling them all about her and showing them the same picture. Frank's wife can't take all this and she retires crying in her room. Frank tries to soothe her by whispering at her door. In the meantime, Sinclair reaches their house, knocks Danny unconscious and then threatens to kill him unless they bring him the woman. They all end tied up for the mad scientist to finally complete his long-failed experiment. He is now disfigured because of the explosion 20 years ago and takes some blood from Laura to inject himself, hoping that it will work as with lab rats, giving him eternal youth and extremely fast wound regeneration. He takes the blood, injects himself with it and it appears to be working. But it works too well, as he begins to grow younger and younger until becoming a baby and then, even more until he ceases to exist. Now the story is clear for everyone and Laura must go on with her never-ending life somewhere else. She has a last talk with Frank after which she departs. Danny has something else in mind though, as he stops her in front of the house, willing to spend his limited time with her, even after all that has happened.