The Outer Limits

Season 7 Episode 18

Lion's Den

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2001 on Showtime

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  • The episode had real promise but left me cold.

    This episode had great promise but fell apart. The episode started out well by depicting the pressures put on sports teams to perform at all costs. This led to the desperate coach, against his better judgment, to trust an old teammate to provide his wrestling team with an experimental performance enhancing drug. This leads to tragic results. Now I know that the anti-drug message is worthwhile and timely. I also know that OL has a mixture of happy and sad endings to keep things interesting but this ending left me real cold.

    The real power of the OL series is that they always create extremely empathetic characters caught up in circumstances of epic proportions. In a good OL episode you always care for the characters, you want things to go well for them even if it does not. In this episode the wrestling coach was great. He was a hard worker, he is filled with limitless patience and encouragement for his team. In fact the wrestling footage was quite good, you can tell that the people staging it really knew how to wrestle. The young wrestling coach was also a good father. Another character, the older rival wrestling coach is the second most empathetic figure. He is friends with the young wrestling coach. He is an old timer, perceptive and filled with the old school code of honor. Watching both of these men get brutally murdered by the wrestling team led by the coach's own son was just too much. The wrestling team turned savages were just a bunch of jerks. I never cared for them at all; they were completely unlikable. I did not care about their plight at all, there was no complexity in their transformation into animals. The writers even through in a a love interest for the coach that went nowhere, it was a pointless distraction (at least they did not kill her). Had the savage wrestling team been redeemed at the end then the episode may have been bearable; maybe. Since wrestling is a uniquely male enterprise it's as if feminists barged into the director's office and plunked down the script that had to depict it in a negative manner. At least this was the feel of this episode. In general I love OL but not this episode.
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