The Outer Limits

Season 4 Episode 15

Mary 25

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 29, 1998 on Showtime
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Charlie Bouton's (Tom Butler) last project for the Innobotics Corporation was a sexy female companion robot named Valerie 23. It almost put the company out of business when it went berserk and attacked someone. So, his bosses are skeptical when he and scientist Melburn Ross (Michael Shanks) introduce Mary 25 (Sophia Shinas), a nanny robot adapted from the earlier model. In order to overcome their doubts, Charlie proposes letting the robot take care of his own children - - a move that is met by serious resistance from his wife Teryl (Cynthia Geary) and his children Brad and Brook. From the beginning, there are problems. Unlike the human nanny, Carmen, Mary doesn't grasp the subtleties of child care and Melburn must fine tune her. But, Melburn sees that the problems go beyond Mary's programming. Charlie is smitten with his inorganic creation and has begun to abuse Teryl - - a woman with whom Melburn was once romantically involved. Torn between emotion and intellect, between love and duty, Melburn finds the lines between human and machine becoming dangerously blurred.moreless

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    Ian Robison

    Ian Robison

    Grant Kildale

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    Tom Butler

    Tom Butler

    Charlie Bouton

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    Cynthia Geary

    Cynthia Geary

    Teryl Bouton

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      • Mary 25: I can't allow you to continue hurting the children in this way.
        Charlie: The children? I never laid a hand on them.
        Mary 25: Hurting the mother is like hurting them.

      • Melburn: Mary, do you remember the talk we had about Mr. Bouton hurting Teryl?
        Mary 25: Yes, I do.
        Melburn: How come you've never done anything to stop it?
        Mary 25: That is not part of my programming. I am programmed only to protect and care for the children under my supervision. Mr. Bouton has never hurt them.
        Melburn: Maybe not directly,but don't you think that hurting the children's mother hurts the children?
        Mary 25: Yes. You are correct.
        Melburn: And do you realize that Mr. Bouton is a direct danger to those children?
        Mary 25: Yes. Yes, I do.
        Melburn: Good.

      • Melburn: What happened to the real Teryl?
        Vickie 23: Brook killed her, and replaced her with me.

      • Melburn:Does Mr. Bouton ever hurt Mrs. Bouton?
        Mary 25: Yes.
        Melburn: How?
        Mary 25: In the time that I have been here, he has struck her three times, he has thrown items at her twice, and he has brought her to tears with words on a daily basis.

      • Control Voice: (Closing Narration) Let us hope that no technology will ever exist that can replace human warmth and compassion. For when such a technology does exist, will we cease to be human?

      • Control Voice: (Opening Narration) Our children need protecting from much more than physical harm. Just as threatening to the fragile child are the dangers of the mind... and the dangers of the heart.

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