The Outer Limits

Season 2 Episode 20

Out of Body

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 1996 on Showtime



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  • Quotes

    • Amy: [trying to convince Rebecca not to use herself as a test subject] What about Mr. Wymer?
      Rebecca Warfield: To hell with Mr. Wymer!

    • Rebecca Warfield: God blessed us with curiosity. His questions lead to discoveries which in turn result in progress. Then without curiosity where the hell would we be?
      Ben McCormick: Back in the Garden with Eve? Sorry...Listen, scientists always sound foolish when they begin discussing metaphysics. That's why so many of us wisely refrain from doing so.

    • [Closing Narration]
      Control Voice: Perhaps at the end of life's journey, another begins. Two hearts, two minds, two souls... one destiny.

    • [Opening Narration]
      Control Voice: We exist in this time and in this space. But where are we when we dream, before we are born, or after we die? What if we exist in many times and many spaces. Now... and forever.

  • Notes

    • Actor Victor Garber, best known from his performances in Alias and Titanic, plays the role of Ben McCormick. He also plays an important role in a later Outer Limits episode, "Glitch".

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