The Outer Limits

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1996 on Showtime
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Life on planet Earth has been wiped out by biological warfare, leaving behind only androids. Two of those androids, Martin and Alicia, have a secret project: Cain, a human being grown from the DNA of a single human hair. Martin and Alicia must keep Cain's existence hidden from the military androids, led by Moloch, a power-mad machine who is determined to stamp out any trace of the human race before it rises again.moreless

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  • Humans are gone. Androids rule the earth. Mankind is about to rise again.

    This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. Humankind has been wiped out by a plague made for war purposes. Only androids, built to serve humans, are left to use the planet. There are two types of androids seen: military droids, that have a very fierce and artificial look to them, and servile androids, built in the image of man and much more nicer looking. Two servile androids, Martin and Alicia, are working on an experiment. They have created a fully matured human male, Cain, in an artificial womb. While Martin gathers food for Cain, Alicia educates Cain. Curious about his origins, Cain leaves the house and searches the areas. During this time, Cain runs into a military droid that questions him. Fearing for his life, Cain kills (concludes) the droid and runs away. Later, one can see how Cain abhors violence and killing. Betrayed by another servile, Martin is brought before Moloch, the defense minister. Because of his involvement with Cain, Martin is concluded and strung up similar to Jesus' crucifixion. This probably implies that Martin dies to save the human race. Cain and Alicia go to a facility to shut off the power grid. In doing so, Cain shuts down all androids, even Alicia. When he returns to the house, Cain finds a human female, just recently born. She will help Cain lead mankind's second coming.moreless

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    • Alicia: Martin and I thought it best to omit the explanation of what happened to your people.
      : Why?
      Alicia: We thought it wise to wait until you were further developed. But you chose to seek knowledge on your own.
      Cain: How did they die?
      Alicia: Twelve years ago, this planet was populated by billions of humans. Yours was a warlike race. Nations battled for dominance. One of these nations unleashed a biochemical agent. Human life concluded in a single rainy afternoon.

    • Cain: I am scared.
      Alicia: All living beings must eventually leave the care and comfort of their providers. It is an immutable fact of human existence.
      Cain: I love you, Alicia.
      Alicia: I was programmed with only moderate emotional response to stimuli. But I am attached to you, as well.

    • Moloch: [talking about Cain's hesitation of destroying a guard] How human...To waver over the morality of concluding a droid!

    • GX-17: [explaining to Martin why he betrayed him] I am aiding the humankind. The humans are better off dead.

    • Control Voice: (Closing Narration) We live. We die. We live again. If we accept the tenuous fragility of our planet and ourselves perhaps we can avoid the necessity of rebirth in the distant future. Perhaps we can begin the second dawning of humankind... today.

    • Control Voice: (Opening Narration) We have always been fascinated with the prospect of renewal. Built into the very fabric of our self-conscious is the desire for resurrection, a rebirth of body and soul... a second chance.

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    • Character: The Protagonist
      Since the plotline is about how only androids are left after mankind murders himself off the planet, 'Cain' is obviously taken from the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, brothers who constantly fought with each other and were allegedly involved in the first recorded murder in history when Cain killed his brother Abel.