The Outer Limits

Season 3 Episode 15

Revelations of Becka Paulson

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 06, 1997 on Showtime

Episode Recap

A kind of plain Jane woman living in a small home with her stereotypical self-centered, indifferent husband is lonely, unfulfilled, and not too bright. She has a photo frame with the original filler photo that came with it when she purchased still inside. She is a stereotypical stay at home wife, watching soaps while she stays at home decorating and cleaning the house by day and fixing meals for herself and her husband each night. Her husband demeans her and takes her for granted. She lacks passion and there is not really any source of excitement in her life. She sets up the Christmas tree a little early and her man berates her for it. She is in the closet where the holiday decorations are kept. She comes across a gun in an old shoe box. Turning it around and looking straight inside to see if it is loaded is a pretty futile way to go about that. Yet she does it anyway, and while she is doing that, she loses her balance, falls, and shoots herself in the head. By some miracle, the gun shooting her at point blank range leaves the bullet only an inch or two into brain, past her skull. She starts having hallucinations. She also gets a little more passionate, and a little more assertive. Then she decides to off her man. Ultimately, she tries to kill him. It does not go as she planned.