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  • Need some help with a possible original Outer Limits episode from the 60's

    This is a REAL reach here but honestly, I've been wondering about the conclusion of a TV show I *think* was on the OL when I was a kid, so I'm talking about circa 1965 or so. It may have been another similar type series but it was about a man who was hired to help out with a little girl by the girls old aunt or grandmother. They lived a rather isolated life in a big mansion, money was not an issue, but this guy kind of served as a surrogate friend to this little girl. There seemed to be some type of big, dark secret surrounding this little always had a hunch she was actually a little boy the old lady was just dressing up as a girl but damn, I turned off the show since it was getting late! Never did see the ending and it's bothered me through my adult life! If any thread of this sounds vaguely familiar please let me know -- it would be greatly appreciated!
  • This is a remake of the original from the 1960's.

    This is a remake of the original from the 1960's. I have never been a huge fan of the outer limits I have always found the twilight zone to be better for the twist endings, morals, plots and overall episodes. The original outer limits was better, the newer series has some some positive things but most of the episodes I have seen I thought they were just good. It seems like the original episodes were better, both the old and new series episodes are an hour long and it seems like most of the newer episodes feel like filler they shouldve just made it half an hour I think then it wouldve had better episodes and would have been more exciting. The original however filled up the hour without getting boring. I like the twilight zone and the 2 revivals more than the outer limits, what can I say I just like the twilight zone more.
  • A remake of a past classic.

    I am a fan of "The Outer Limits" - the original series that is. This remake however is more shocking. Many of these newer episodes have sex or violence incorporated into the storyline, many others showcase the evils of the human mind (the killing of others, the detonation of bombs etc.).
    What was once a show about the unknown - or aliens from Outer space - seems to have developed into a bit more of a drama.
    Granted, I was glad that they brought this series back, and a few episodes are decent (mainly the ones that are more "sci-fi" in content, like the original) but I think I still prefer the original series over this.
  • A great episode about a series of clinical killings with very little connection other than a few minor sex crimes like an episode of Columbo we know the connection but why does Miss. Thereas Givens go back in time killing murderers before they can act?

    Amanda Plummer puts in a never better performance in this Outer Limits episode. She portrays the tortured soul of this character quite brilliantly. Little surprise then that she won an Emmy for it. Love the way it's filmed and written too (some insightful, sharp dialogue and good plotting although Agent Pratt's subplot with her partner fancying her doesn't quite work). Some brilliant support from the rest of the cast but in the end this is Plummer's show in one of her greatest ever performances. Bravo Amanda! You deserve all the plaudits that came your way and turned what was a good script into a great episode.
  • Really Interesting....

    All the episodes in The Outer Limits are really interesting.. All Of the epidodes have titles and they always connect to what is the show going to be about. Some of the episodes may be really Freaky or suspense, and some can be funny at times. The beggining of the show some guy talks and it goes like "There is nothing wrong with your DVD player. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling your DVD player. We already control the horizontal and the vertical. We now control the digital. We can change the focus from a soft blur to crystal clarity. Sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... The Outer Limits."
  • Not all but many of the episodes have a negative outlook to technology, why?

    For the longest time, I have had a negative opinion of The Outer Limits because many episodes have a negative outlook on man and technology. This show in many ways is the direct opposite of other Sci-Fi shows, such as the various Star Treks and Stargate. These other shows believe man and technology can - in the end - work together towards the betterment of mankind / all life forms.

    The Outer Limits, though, seems to go out of its way to show how man can use technology incorrectly. The writers will even create unrealistic situations to make a negative point or mankind’s struggle is wrong.

    Yes, everything is never peaches and cream and warning us of the misuse of our abilities and technology has value. The pendulum in this viewer’s opinion is too far on the negative side for the show to be enjoyable. Yeah, I like positive views on the future.

    Excluding this negative viewpoint the production, writing, and episodes are good.
  • Equal to the original.

    All time favorite, couldn't be better. Need to release the second season NOW! Can't get enough of the Outer Limits! The show never goes stale and the stories are also fresh and explore limitless possibilities. Anything imaginable is covered. Faithful remake of original with stories updated to today's scientific issues and advances used to the fullest. My top episodes for season one include: 1. The Conversion, 2. Birthright, 3. White Light Fever, 4. Dark Matters, and 5. I Robot. This show really gets you to questions things and makes you wonder if these things are not already going on. But whether fact or fiction the show is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you coming back for more. Some reviewers mention the negativity in a lot of the episodes. However, that's what I find most appealing. Not all of the stories have "happy" endings. Let's be realistic! Most of the negative endings I believe would be exactly as I would expect them to happen. I'm glad that in the end mankind gets what he deserves. You may disagree but you must at least admit that man has a dark side too. All in all the stories are well balanced, I like both the positive and negative sides.
  • The Outer Limits is one of the greatest scifi shows. Each episode is awakens the soul and warns us about the true nature of the human soul.

    This is one of the few shows that I never forget. It can help kids out as they grow up. In the end of the episodes, a message is given that can be taken in a way to better the individual. After all The Outer Limits is a thought provoking show that awakens the mind. Each episode is interesting in it's on way. It is one of the few shows that is extremely original in each episode without the same thing happening each time.

    The person who invented this show is a genius. Everyone can take something out of the Outer Limits.
  • It has alot of good things about it and lots of bad things about it.

    It is really good dont get me wrong. I love this show. I liked it better when I was younger (when I didn't see how bad the acting was). When I was younger it was better because of the full color and semi-decent graphics. But now I prefer the good old Black and White Twilight Zone episodes. Now guys these episodes are hit and miss. For me the worst part is the acting. Half of the time its ok and the other half is really bad. Another reason I am not such a big fan any more is now that im watching the old Twilight zone I kind of see how much of a rip-off this show actually is. I know I have ranted about lots of stuff. I like the show but it could be better.
  • My overall impression of "The Outer Limits" is that in spite of being a pretty solid re-make of an older series, it is rather limited in terms of the sci-fi concepts explored within the show. B or B+ rating.

    The 90s remake of "The Outer Limits" is an enjoyable and usually pretty well-acted science fiction show, which features a narrated "message" at the introduction and conclusion of every episode that is supposed to provide viewers with some food for thought. While many episodes border on being mere cautionary tales, others are truly thought-provoking, moving, or downright insightful. However, in spite of being a generally well-acted series, with a few interesting "messages" at the outset and conclusion of each episode, the plot of the actual episodes is limited by what appears to be an unoriginal effort to stay within the confines of the science fiction genre. That is to say, 90-95% of all episodes feature some sort of twist that involves either aliens, robots (or equivalent mechanized life-form with artificial intelligence), time travel, or some combination of these three elements. I find it rather disappointing that the writers seemed hard-pressed to step beyond the boundaries of conventional science fiction in this respect. There are a few episodes that start off with an element of the supernatural (such as "If These Walls Could Talk" or "Corner of the Eye") that wind-up offering the presence of alien entities as the explanation for the events that transpire. These plotlines are uninspired and leave me cold. Science-fiction needn't be all about robots, aliens and time-travel, and it would have been nice if there were more episodes that offered a plausible pseudo-scientific explanation for supernatural events that didn't involve any of these things. The series did have a few episodes, however, that instead featured the discovery of some new technological device that had the potential to revolutionize medicine or science as we know it, but most of these episodes disappointingly wound up being of the cautionary tale variety.

    In spite of all these flaws, "The Outer Limits" is well-acted and pretty well-scripted on the whole, and usually a good time is had by all. While I like the show quite a bit overall, I ultimately find it to be less compelling or thought-provoking than the original Twilight Zone, and less entertaining than the horror-comedy classic series "Tales from the Crypt." If you're looking for a laugh, some macabre humor and a "healthy" dose of the 80s or early 90s aesthetic, I definitely recommend "Tales from the Crypt", and if you're looking for some thought-provoking plotlines, I'd venture to say the original "Twilight Zone" is a better bet. But if you're looking for a combination of these two things that does a pretty good job of maintaining the balance, then perhaps "The Outer Limits" will win you over as well. A solid 8/10.
  • A show that has a different story, a different outcome, a different meaning every episode.

    I absolutely love this show. It is different everytime you watch, the characters are well thought out, developed, and it makes you feel for the character within a short 1 hour spans. Each week they would have a celebrity like Beau Bridges, David Hyde Pierce, and Eric McCormack who all delivered and it wasn't just a celebrity death trap!!

    The episode with Eric McCormack chilled me to the bones. Crashing on a planet, not knowing what is outside, what they want, having an enemy inside the shuttle, and finally getting home.....but at the end it turns out that it was just an hillucionation and he was being fed on by the alien spiders. Totally creepy, completely worth every second spent watching the eppy, and a great credit to Eric!!

    A must see for all Sci-fi fans!!
  • One of the best sci-fi shows...

    ''The Outer Limits'' is one of the best shows i have ever seen.It is unique ,completely different from other sci-fi shows that usually copy star trek or other popular shows.The interesting thing about ''The Outer Limits'' is that every episode is completely different from the others.Another interesting thing is that some of the episodes have bad endings, and that`s good because the good ending is just a propaganda and i think that people must open their eyes for the reality and take the worning.That is the main purpose of the show - to worn the humanity about the dangers of the future not just to entertain people making tham believe that everything is perfect end it will turn well in the end. What is also interesting in the series that i found is that in many episodes the ending is unsuspected and usually leave you in a shock.The purpose of this is to drag peoples attention making them to really think about this episode and to remember it for a very long time and really learn something from it.If the episode ends with peoples expectations they will forget it easier and will not learn the lesson from it.
    And when there are episodes with bad endings there are also episodes with good endings.Their message is simple - if people are carefull and try to be better there is hope for a better future.
  • This was really funny or at least the episode I saw.

    It was so cheesy or the theme was, which made it funny, which also made it interesting, so I watched it. I just watched it today so I never saw it when it was actually on. This wasn't a bad show and I might watch it again sometime, if they are all as funny as this one was. It had like a Running man type of theme to the episode I saw. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but I do like things like that were something weird happens, like shows like Quantom Leap or shows were there are different adventures and themes each week. That is what I kind of like about this show.
  • Thought provoking and well done.

    While there are bad episodes among the 7 seasons the vast majority were done extremely well. One of the rare instances where a remake of an old series meets or exceeds the original.

    Each episode has a lesson to be learned and offers food for thought on everything from the dangers of turning our lives over to machines, of new destructive weapons, of out of control technological advances; questions of morality; instances of things being not at all what they first appear to be; ect.

    Episodes range from depressing (The Light Brigade - where a young cadet is tricked by an alien spy into destroying the Earth with a huge bomb while thinking he was dropping the bomb on the aliens home planet) to uplifting where after a plague that ends human life on earth the androids humans built returned the favor by resurrecting humanity after the Earth became safe for man again.

    Even the depressing episodes had endings with an unexpected twist with a lesson to be learned that made them very enjoyable. The fact the series went 7 seasons is testimony to its quality. The final episode was one of those duds that recompile clips from past episodes of the season; there were a number of these that types of episodes that I didnt care for. The series just sort of sputtered to a conclusion that did not reflect the overall high quality of the series as a whole. Thats my only real criticism.
  • A saner version of the Twilight Zone.

    The Outer Limits, please stand by. What's that guy's name that does the promo in the beginning, he's freakin hilarious. This show isn't creepy, in the way I thought it should be-no its more a tall tale that camp counselors tell around the campfire. It's cute weird. Not kinda creepy, which is what I think they were going for. I can totally watch this show in the dark, alone in my house (which is my scale for how scary a show or movie is). Long story short, watch it only as a drama-not an action thriller or sci fi special.
  • a good take on the original

    this is one of the best sci fi anthology show to be made in the last several years. i remember when it first came out it was on showtime. the stories were quite provactive. but going into syndication did not hurt it at all. i wish the show were still around other than in repeats.
  • A pretty decent remake of the original.

    The original was an absolutley fantastic sci-fi series. This one is pretty good but could use some better acting and a little better writing. The older shows OL and TZ had the best writing arond and there fore got top actors of the day. It would be the equvilant of Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis doing a twilight zone or outer limits today. I still watch this show with my kids on the weekends but i just wish that they could be better. Could you imagine if David Lynch or JJ Abrams or the like were writing episodes for either show. wow, that would really be something.
  • This show features everyday people put in strange out-of-this-world experiences. Similar to "The Twilight Zone" series.

    This is a really good show. The older version is a true classic but this version is highly entertaining itself. The show still manages to be better than most of the other shows out there. Even some of the re-hashed storylines aren't so bad since you got to see current actors and actresses playing the parts. It's kind of like when a classic song is covered by a current day music group. It use really bother me as I would think that the current day band is trying to ride someone else’s coat tails. However I have come to learn that in music, movies and television many of today kids would not be exposed to the older material if it were not made popular by someone in the current time. I wish the older version could have lasted longer. I really loved the writing and the great stars that did the show.
  • A revisit of classic sci-fi.

    I know a lot of purists out there hate the new version of The Outer Limits but you know, sometimes you just got to go with the change. This version is not completely like the original. It been updated, matured and very much darked. The show also payed tribute to the original, for instance the I Robot remake. Also the show got a great support out many known actors guest starring.
    I liked how The Outer Limits mixed its endings between happy and catastrophic. That made things a bit less predictable, unlike many movies of today where you know in advance that the hero will survive and triumph.
  • Definitely in my top 10

    I absolutely love this show. I started watching this when I was in middle school and immediately loved it. I especially appreciate the control voice's narration. Although I'm particularly fond of Showtime's uncensored versions of the episodes, the Sci-Fi edited ones prove to be just great as well. My favorite DVD compilation of episodes was "Sex & Science Fiction." Runner-up: "Time Travel & Infinity." I really like this series more than the original.
  • Better than the Twilight Zone!

    Not every episode is entertaining or interesting I think, but some of them are very good Sci-Fi episodes - some of the best Sci-Fi on TV in recent years. The X-Files is the better show - more consistently better episodes. I think the X-Files stole some of this show's thunder, but this is still a good one to pick through and watch the better episodes. And what makes the show x-tra cool is the guest stars. You can find many of your favorite TV and movie stars here doing guest appearances - albeit usually the ones no longer making blockbuster hits in Hollywood or on a regular TV series, but hey thats okay! Lou Diamond Phillips is my favorite "non-upper level" actor, so I enjoyed watching the episode in Season 5 with him (Blank Slate).
  • "the outer limits"

    This series was not bad but was too old fasion. I think it would be good to continue makeing this type of Sci Fi. But i also think The Twilight Zone was much better and should have continued before any of the Outer Limits does/did. but agin it was great for the conspericy theroy knowlage and still kind of worries me about crazy things like alliens.
  • Is it a Twilight Zone clone ? Not !

    Many viewers have had difficulty distinguishing The Outer Limits from the Twilight Zone. In fact this show has been greatly unappreciated and written off as no more than a Twilight Zone clone.

    Although both the shows put the protagonists in a bizzare situation where one is able to come face to face with reality and justice is served, the outer limits primarily deals with time travel or relationships which span across time. Also, most episodes of The Outer Limits end with a feeling of satisfaction that one cannot escape the results of one's deeds. What comes around goes around, even if it may not be in one lifetime. In contrast, most episodes of the Twilight zone end with a twist which might be pleasant or tragic.

    In other words, The Outer Limits should not be confused with The Twilight Zone and be viewed and enjoyed indepepdent of one another.

  • A remake of the Twilight Zone.

    I like this show, but it really is only a remake of the Twilight Zone. The stories are fairly well written, some of them are truly thought provoking, but I have to say, there have been more than a few, with very poor endings. They’ve pulled the ‘oh, it was just a dream’ routine a few to many times. But otherwise, in all aspects, it’s a really pretty good show. The actors are always very good, and aside from the endings, so are the stories.
  • Very good show. The modern twilight zone. I think if there were no x-files, this show could have made a bigger impact. Good, modern stories, and many twists. A lot of guest stars, which isn't necessarily bad.

    Very good show. The modern twilight zone. I think if there were no x-files, this show could have made a bigger impact. Good, modern stories, and many twists. A lot of guest stars, which isn't necessarily bad. I really think this is a very good sci-fi show. No main charecers, or a similar theme, but sci-fi stories.
  • I find myself liking this show a little more every time that I watch it.

    I have not been watching The Outer Limits very long. In spite of that, the series has made a regular viewer out of me. There are several reasons why this show is a stand out for me.
    The Control Voice. In my opinion, this is the soul of the show. Every episode that I have seen has had something thought provoking to say. These little messages really make the series unique and set it apart from other similar shows.
    The cast. I enjoy seeing guest appearances from people who I wouldn’t have thought would take a role in a Sci-Fi show. Some of the list of guest stars have included: Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, David Hyde Pierce, Marlee Matlin, Teri Polo, and Rachel Leigh Cook, Samantha Mathis, and Cary Elwes (to name a few).
    I find myself liking this show a little more every time that I watch it. It is fast becoming a favorite and will be making it’s way into my DVD library soon.

    “Sometimes, to uncover that which is hidden, we must first be made to look... We rely upon others to inform us, but wisdom can never be taught... and we must always decide the truth for ourselves...”
    -A Special Edition, Season 3

    This is a series that is definitely worth discovering.

  • A good Serie

    As good as the The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits is a classic of Sci-Fi series, there are good and poor episodes, but at all, the serie is good, sometimes the mystery take our minds and make us imagine every possibility that we can see. I think that everyone who see it, offen, will like it.