The Outer Limits

Season 6 Episode 9


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 2000 on Showtime
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In the year 2123, with all but nature destroyed and resources scarce, society has been divided into three kinds of people. There are Alphas, like Larissa, who work half of the time and spend the rest in a state of suspended animation called stasis. There are Betas, like Eric, who alternate work and "sleep" modes with the Alphas. And then there is the Elite, who form a privileged aristocracy that rules over the Alphas and Betas. In the face of increasing pressure from stasis-jumpers of the Resistance, the Elite insists that extreme measures are necessary for survival of the species. Their plan, however, doesn't account for the power of the human heart. Larissa and Eric have fallen in love even though their only contact, other than furtive holographic messages, is when they trade places in the stasis pod they share.moreless

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  • Mankind has found itself in a pickle. But the wealthy and the privileged see it as a way to maintain their wealth and have fewer population to deal with daily. But greed knows no bounds, the 'elite' figure out a way to increase their lot.moreless

    The uncanny emotions around being controlled by a society, is it not unlike our own Walled America? This story could lend itself inside Taylor Caldwell's "Devil's Advocate". These science fiction stories are telling us to be more aware of what is really happening in this world. It was blatant-in order to save the planet- the lowly ones, the smart and doers, get the shaft. Ah, but the Light always wins. This was well done technically, actors good, lines excellent, writer top-notch. Can't find anything else by this writer.?? All in all, it made me start thinking about my own stories, kick it up a notch.moreless
  • Someone should mention Phil Farmer here!

    All right--I will stop short of coming right out and saying that this episode is a rip-off of the much-anthologized short "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World" by Philip José Farmer, but it would have been nice to mention him in the credits somewhere.

    The similarities to the Farmer tale are more than a few, but the situation is handled somewhat differently, and the ending is totally unlike the short story, so I don't suppose you can call it plagiarism.

    While not a bad piece of writing for a television hack, some things are better left alone.

    All that said, it's a better than average episode.moreless
  • This truly is a classic episode of the entire series. If I would recommend one episode to first watch, this would be it - dystopian, future, love story, action - this episode has it all.moreless

    This truly is a classic episode of the entire series. If I would recommend one episode to first watch, this would be it - dystopian, future, love story, action - this episode has it all. This episode tells the story of the Alphas, Betas, and the Elite, of which the first two classes only live half of their lives while spending the other half in stasis. A traditional future dystopian story, this episode shows how humanity can deal with their nature and step beyond what is placed before them. This is definitely a classic episode that I would recommend to anyone.moreless

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