The Outer Limits

Season 3 Episode 5

Stream of Consciousness

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 1997 on Showtime
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Ryan Unger is a loner because he cannot tap into "the Stream" due to a brain injury he suffered when he was younger. The Stream allows a person to instantly access information via a neural implant. When the Stream develops a virus causing people to die, Ryan, being the only one that is immune, must use the knowledge he has gained from books to save the world.moreless

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  • Ryan is born without a brain implant to allow anyone to get info in seconds and has to get info through reading a forgotten practice. But his weekness becomes strength when a computer virus endangers everyone and it's up to him to save humanity.moreless

    This story is simliar to many of Philp K. Dick's stories on men and machines. But it's written, acted and produced well with intelegence and heart. All these things did a great job at making the dytopian society seem believable and possible. Even though it looks as though this internet thribing society seems to have kudos with it's technology, there is a bug in it's system. Not just have reading and books became forgotten but the people are emotionally sterile. There is no love or any desire to discover or explore the unknown because the knowledge is handed to them instantly without taking time to understand and cultivate it. Without these things we can never really be human or have means of survival. This story is sort of tells the problem with our information age, how technolgy can tell us everything and yet nothing. The power of literacy and the human spirt being greater than any machine.moreless

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    • Ryan: You don't see? It's out of your control! Practicaly every thought you have, every ideea, every inside is all downloaded from that thing. It's not gonna let you pull the plug. It is not gonna let you want to.
      Janet: How can you know? How can you be sure?
      Ryan: 'Cause I'm outside...

    • Janet: Stanley says that you can even do arithmetic in your head.
      Ryan: I wouldn't be too impressed. I don't have a choice.
      Janet: Well...wouldn't mind learning myself one day.
      Ryan: It's like telling a cripple you'd like to learn how to use it's crutches.

    • Stanley: You know, there was a time when reading was a sign of intelligence.
      Mark: Oh yeah?
      Stanley: Yeah!
      Mark: Thank God those days are gone!

    • [Closing Narration]
      Control Voice: We make tools to extend our abilities, to further our reach, and fulfill our aspirations. But we must never let them define us. For if there is no difference between tool and maker, then who will be left to build the world?

    • [Opening Narration]
      Control Voice: We quantify our world in order to learn. We break it down into facts, numbers, information. But how far dare we go before we destroy its mystery?

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