The Outer Limits

Season 1 Episode 13

The Conversion

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 09, 1995 on Showtime
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Henry Marshall is a greedy man who has paid for his greed with a prison sentence but has yet to learn his lesson. His life abruptly changes when he encounters Angelic visitors who instill new sense of compassion for others.

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  • Best episode from the first season. Couldn't be better.

    This episode is my favorite from the first season, and is exactly why I watch this show. I don't usually take the time to write reviews but in this case I will make an exception. It effected me that much. I like how in the beginning you have no idea what is going on then slowly you are given details only to be surprised and moved at the end. The episode makes you think and wonder and touches your heart and emotions. If every episode was this good it would be the greatest television show of all time, not that it already isn't in my book. Now if they would only release the Second Season NOW.moreless
  • Harry has been betrayed. And after five years inprison, he's back to settle the score. But when his revenge scheme goes wrong, he flees to a cabin restaurant in the mountains and enters another story altogether.moreless

    This show made me want a career in media. It is one of the best examples of symbolism and allegory I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed it so much, I got a copy so I could use it as an example to teach from in my class. Both Brad Wright and Richard Barton Lewis did a phenomenal job on this, and I only wish there were more things like this on television. As Brad Wright went on to Stargate SG-1 (another personal favorite), I hope to see more this type and quality level of material in the future.moreless
  • In the dog eat dog world of business, Henry Marshall has been eaten. Having been dealt a bad hand by his boss, he chooses to take revenge, which eventually leads him to an out of the way diner, where he meets a mysterious man who preaches to him.moreless

    The fundamental premise of this episode is that lessons can be learned by totally dodging the consequences of your actions, and the source of salvation is external. References to angels and Christianity were common, but the mysterious stranger took a hard turn away from any mainstream interpretation of how a person's deeds are measured. To get to the reveal, the writer left numerous plot holes and a confusing jumble of references that point in no particular direction. This episode was drunk with optimism to the point of nausea, and I am astounded that it got such high reviews from others.moreless
  • The exception to the rule for The Outer Limits, as well the foundation for a new series.

    Overall I really dislike the Outer Limits because the series (regardless of which one it is) looks at the world from a negative perspective most of the time. This episode, though, is one of the exceptions to the role / norm.

    While some complained the episode is overly optimistic (and I won't disagree with them), I really loved it. I also wished the writers would look at science and people more positively through the entire series (or any future remakes of The Outer Limits).

    Honestly, I could see an entire series based upon this episode / the short story. How might it work? I'd see each episode having two stories. One would be starting and the other one ending. They would overlap some what to show how people intersect and/or affect one another. Each story would get 60 minutes of air time, but over two different episodes. To the best of my knowledge this hasn't been done quite this way (where stories take equal footing over two episodes).

    Yeah, some people might feel the series would be too sugar and unrealistic (especially the conversion). Yet, there are many people who would find this to be a positive direction and good clean moral entertainment. Obviously, there is an audience for this type of series. It could also be an opportunity to talk and educate the audience in how to be positive, caring, and fair to all people especially those they dislike (like gay people).

    I rated this episode a 10 to note my delight in an exceptionally positive show, for The Outer Limits.moreless
  • The Best Episode of the Season IMO.

    I thought that it had a real strong dialogue and the character was built up great. It had me on Henry's side hoping he wouldn't be caught. The story was brilliant that both characters played off one another great. Where at the end you believe that the switch was real and gave him hope for another chance at life. Most people don't get that so it was just a great story altogether. I give a 10+ because it ended good and most of these other episodes do not. Plus it was neat seeing Rebecca Demornay in the show. The whole idea that aliens can trade places with us to save our "souls". This was kind of like one of the episodes I seen on the Newer Twlight Zones but ending differently sort of. But the same idea about second chance at life.moreless
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