The Outer Limits

Season 1 Episode 5

The Second Soul

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 1995 on Showtime



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    • Llanar: Dr. Alders. Would you do us the honor of joining us?
      Michael: I-I don't deserve to.
      Kadmis: No, Michael. None of us is innocent here. Come.

    • Kadmis: Michael, do you suppose that human souls and those of N'Tal go to the same place when they die?
      Michael: I don't know?
      Kadmis: If they do I shall look for your friend and tell her how much she is missed.

    • Michael: (about the N'Tal) I can't help feeling we're just cattle to them.

    • Jaru: These people are afraid. And fear translates here as it does throughout the universe, into hatred.

    • Kadmis: I wish we were coming to you as explorers, adventurers seeking out other lifeforms for the pleasures of mutual discovery. Instead, we come to you as refugees, exiles from a planet rendered uninhabitable by our own negligence. We have come to Earth seeking help.
      Kelly: What...what do you need from us?
      Kadmis: Your dead. Give us your dead.

    • Control Voice: (Closing Narration) What if you were to wake up to a different world tomorrow... a world of invaders? Would you raise your voice with the aliens, in a chant of remembrance and regret, bidding farewell to a vanished world? Or would you fight against those who might ultimately help us?

    • Control Voice: (Opening Narration) Contact happened exactly one year ago, and the world changed forever. The line between life and death was blurred, crossed... then totally erased. Not through divine intervention, but another force from the heavens. A force greeted not with rapture... but with fear.

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