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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Through a Stained Glass Window

      A well-guarded millionaire, L.J. Fox, is threatening other businesses with his expansions. When one of them gets a court order against Fox, Ross is hired to serve the papers, which proves to be a touchy task, since the man lives like a recluse. The P.I. soon uncovers a curious love affair...and a murder plot.

    • Service for One
      Service for One
      Episode 26

      Ross is hired to tail a paroled convict, who is the only person who supposedly knows the hiding place of $250,000. Kooks and heavies crowd Ross as he searches a crumbling section of Los Angeles.

    • Periwinkle Blue
      Periwinkle Blue
      Episode 25

      Ross is alternately beguiled and bedeviled by April Endby, a winsome widow who has buried two husbands. Ross can't help wondering if she did them in. Her current husband wonders the same thing and hires Ross to find out.

    • A Lot of Muscle
      A Lot of Muscle
      Episode 24

      Ross takes on a tough, unbending cop who's facing indictment on a bribery charge. Probing a possible frame, Ross begins to sort out the man's many enemies who range from a bartender to a high city official.

    • All the Social Graces

      Ross is hired by a diamond-in-the-rough millionaire who is slain before the detective has any idea why he was hired. His investigation leads him to an elegant tennis club which considered the millionaire too "low crust" for membership.

    • Handle with Care
      Handle with Care
      Episode 22

      Ross poses as a drifter with the alias Leo Martin and joins a gang of hijacking truckers, whose operation is hurting an insurance company.

    • The Flip Side
      The Flip Side
      Episode 21

      Ross is hired by a rather plain looking sister to find her missing sister, a glamorous model who has gotten herself involved with an underworld ring dealing in narcotics and extortion.

    • Take the Key and Lock Him Up

      While investigating the shooting of a convict in a backwater town, Ross gets arrested on the charge of selling marijuana.

    • Behind God's Back
      Behind God's Back
      Episode 18

      In Acapulco, Mexico, Ross mixes in with the jet set as he tries to convince a millionaire's runaway daughter that her newfound playmates are up to no good. Ross finally locates the girl in the company of a self-styled archaeologist Fred Rhodes but when Ross begins to check Rhodes out, he's arrested by Mexican police as the suspect in a jewelry theft.

    • A Bowl Of Cherries
      A Bowl Of Cherries
      Episode 17

      David Ross offers to help the son of an old friend, only to become enmeshed in a homicide. When Ross learns that young Joe Andrade has been beaten up and is out to get the man responsible, he tries to intervene.

    • The Old School Tie
      The Old School Tie
      Episode 16

      Ross is having a series of flashbacks to when he was in prison and how another convict, Eddie Wolfe, saved his life during a savage fight. When Eddie is released, he contacts Ross to tell him about a big, money-making plot he has devised, which is actually extortion and since Ross owes him big time, he's looking to the PI for help.

    • The Secret of Mareno Bay

      Ross hits a wall of resentment and hostility as he searches for Mareno Bay's least-loved citizen. Novelist John Bedford disappeared shortly after returning to the area and the residents are unanimous in wishing him dead.

    • The Girl From Missouri

      Plain-spoken and naive Mary Smith enlists Ross' help to track down her missing brother. The detective soon learns that Smith is involved with some very unsavory types who don't take kindly to people asking questions.

    • There Was a Little Girl

      A woman has shown up at the door of millionaire George Harrington, claiming that the girl she has raised is his daughter. Only problem is, Harrington's daughter was kidnapped twelve years earlier and never seen again, even after a ransom was paid. David Ross goes to work unraveling the mystery.

    • The Land of the Fox

      Private investigator David Ross is on the beaches of southern California looking for a killer. Instead, he meets a woman and quickly starts to lose his heart to her, not knowing she's involved in his case...and some pretty rough characters.

    • Tell It Like It Was--and You're Dead

      A new book is being written by a former queen of burlesque and it's making quite a few other well known people very nervous. So much so that death threats have begun. Ross' job is to find the killer before the murder happens.

    • I Can't Hear You Scream

      A convicted criminal will soon be heading for the gas chamber and in those final minutes, Ross tries to run down leads that seem to hint at a frame and cover-up by a well known crook.

    • One Long Stemmed American Beauty

      Ross is hired by a casting director after a renowned stage and dance legend apparently commits suicide. During the investigation, Ross has to deal with several people who aren't sorry the dancer is dead, and begins to wonder if the "self-inflicted death" might actually be a murder.

    • The Twenty-Thousand Dollar Carrot

      A young woman's boyfriend has apparently died by accident, and the insurance claim tops $200,000. But Ross smells fraud and with a trip to Mexico, discovers the victim is not dead after all. The hard part will be successfully returning the perpetrator and the money to the United States.

    • Love Is Under "L"

      Successful businessman and millionaire Lyman Barr hires Ross to find his elusive girl friend who has disappeared. David finds the girl and discovers that she is hiding for good reason, which Ross soon experiences for himself.

    • A Time to Run
      A Time to Run
      Episode 6

      A defense attorney hires David to find a witness to a murder who has suddenly gone missing. He does find the man, but he also finds hired killers, one who takes out the witness, and two others who have their sights set on Ross.

    • As Cold As Ashes
      As Cold As Ashes
      Episode 5

      Private detective David Ross has gotten some strange requests in his career. This one is no different. He's been hired to carry the ashes of a man recently deceased from Los Angeles to San Francisco. But he soon discovers that there are men following him, with murder in their plans, though he can't figure out why, that is until he's told the urn carrying the ashes is considered priceless.

    • A Wide Place In The Road
      Ross gets a pretty cool welcome when he tries to conduct a search in a small community for the hometown hero, even though the kid is a car thief and bail jumper.
    • Along Came A Spider
      Ross is hired by a woman who lent a prospective husband $6,000, and then got himself killed. She would like to get her money back. As the case develops, the detective finds himself involved with a tough guy private-eye, assorted criminals, a lonely hearts club...and the murderer.
    • What Flowers Daisies Are
      At first, to Ross it appears that it's just another routine missing persons case, which will end up finding the one missing, either after a fling or a night of heavy celebrating. But as the search for a beautiful model continues, evidence of a million dollar con game and murder become clear.moreless
    • For Members Only
      For Members Only
      Episode 1

      Los Angeles detective David Ross gets hired to infiltrate a private club of sophisticates in order to identify and trap a card shark who has been taking advantage of its not-so-savvy members.

    • The Outsider

      David Ross is an ex-con turned private detective. He takes a case to look into company funds for embezzling and soon finds a lot of trouble, all aimed at him, including being accused of murder.