The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2010 on HBO

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  • :)

    Back-up lands on Guadalcanal in the form of the 7th marines including Basilone to help defend the airfield. Basilone helps defend against a Japanese night raid, suffering a loss in the process. The marines, after four months of fighting enemies and disease are evacuated off the island. So this was the second episode in the same night, which I thought was good because the first episode was really interesting and you got my input with all that. In my opinion I thought the second episode was a lot better, I loved the action more in this one especially the night scenes as you couldn't really see who was who and all that gun fire and madness from everywhere was a really good affect to it all. I also love the scene where they steal the food and stuff, I thought that scene was quite funny. I love the scenery throughout of the two episodes, I love the surroundings in the forrests, I may sound weird but I think it's a really good set. I also thought the acting is really good quality too. All in all, another great episode I'm looking forward to tonights episode.
  • Basilone

    Okay, this was better than the first episode, but this mini-series is still not getting to me the same way Band of Brothers did, and now that it is 20% over I hope that Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg will start kicking things up a notch. We have gotten acquainted to the living situations of the marines (they are terrible!) and we understand that they are going to be tense, yet motivated, so the time for excuses is over. Let's earn thar $250 million budget.

    I actually think they are trying to make the characters forgettable on purpose as they feel the average viewer will not be able to remember them all. True, having 25 soldiers' names in your head may be a daunting task, but in the age of Lost you can afford to confuse the audience a little bit in a sacrifice to make a better product. I think that is the reason we simply saw foreshadowing of a few personal conflicts, conflicts that may never get around to being resolved, than simply having confrontations outright.

    As I said last week, I am on board with this show, but I would be naive if I was not a little suspicious of how good it will turn out being.
  • I wish people would stop comparing this to Band of Brothers.

    It's a totally different show to Band of Brothers, It's like what the Lieutenant says at the begining of part one forget about Europe, this is The Pacific. Part Two kept us straight in the action at Guadalcanal this time we see what the 7th marines have to hold off the Japanesse, again the battle was at night but this was better than the one in part one, I love how real the feal and how dark it i, you can hardly see what character the camera is on because of the dark, sometimes the light of gunfire and explosions light the battlefield up a bit but then straight after darkness again, this is excellent way to capture what it was like defending the airfield. Another excellent episode.
  • The way war really is?

    What was most stunning about this episode is the lack of dialog. Halfway through watching what seemed to be an endless firefight (that is not a complaint) I realized that the dialog had been very sparse and remained so during the whole episode. Instead of platitudes to war, and brotherhood that most viewers have come to expect we were thrust into the battle headfirst. It is a harrowing, relentless, life altering experience. It is scary to consider how long that battle actually lasted for those men. Again the faceless Japanese soldiers seem to spring forth from the jungle in endless supply. Their bodies pile up so high that at one point Basilone runs out to no man's land to push the pile down so that the Americans can have a clear line of site. This pile of human bodies, of sons, brothers and husbands, is now an obstacle, an inconvenience. It is easy to hate the Japanese soldiers so far in these episodes, it will be interesting to see if this is continued throughout the rest of the series. The realizations of the soldiers that your life and death are matters of inches, a right turn opposed to a left turn, that in the end it's luck that can save your butt, just as much as your fellow soldier. This fact might be common knowledge for viewers like ourselves who have been fed war films with a message, think Platoon, Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan, but for these men, it was a revelation. War is senseless...

    Basilones character comes to form in this episode, and we see what war can do to a man, or what war can make a man do, whichever you prefer. Basilone killed what could have been a hundred Japanese, some with his machine gun and few up close, and he would have used his bare hands. For his actions he won the Medal of Honor and was the only enlisted Marine in WWII to do so. These men existed, which is hard to believe, what might be harder to believe is that this episode does not do justice to Basilone's bravery, take a minute and read the wikipedia article about him it's worth it. The effects of Guadalcanal are evident in the faces of the desolated soldiers, their weakened bodies, and mental states are clear to the viewer when we see that they can barely pull themselves aboard their ship of salvation. They are told that they are heroes back home, that they are in all the newspapers, that everyone heard the battle was hell... But still, no chow until 1400hrs.