The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2010 on HBO

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  • Best episode yet?

    Why is this episode the lowest rated episode on this site, seriously people on this site don't know what's a good episode/show and what's a bad one. Go watch crappy overated shows like Glee. I'm going to stop moaning now because everyone is entitled to there opinions.
    Like I have said I thought that this was the strongest episode to date, it combined both character develoment with the battle scene and the conditions the soldier had to be in, this was a very dark episode that shows the US soldiers killing the wounded Japanesse and even some killing themselves. Once again it focused on Robert Lecky, who is probably the main character of the show.
  • Best Episode so far.

    I'll admit that I wasn't blown away by the first few episodes. I thought that Ep. 3 was an improvement but I had a hard time getting over the fictionalized part of the Stella relationship.

    But I gotta say that I thought this Episode (#4) was a quantum leap forward in quality. I found it to be true to the book and I found it to be well written and well acted. The terrible toll of constant weeks and months of slogging through rain and mud punctuated by brief horrifying firefights came through for me. And I think in this episode the footage at the beginning of the episode including the actual shots from the time and the comments by the veterans actually added to the episode.
  • still mediocre

    Maybe I went into this miniseries expecting a little too much, but I still cannot say that I like this show yet. In fact, I'm probably further from saying it this week than I was last week.

    For every good scene, there's about 5 bad ones. The Pacific is trying too hard to build these people up as unique characters, that they are not realizing that it was the camaraderie and unity during the battle scenes in Band of Brothers that made us like them, not that they had scenes taking place in mental facilities.

    I actually might give up on this show next week if it doesn't improve.
  • Another surprising mediocre episode. The storytelling and/or editing is badly done, they show too little when more is needed and vise versa. Only highlight was Lecke visiting hospital.

    I am very surprised with this series, and not in a good way. I now think Band of Brothers succeeded because it was based on an excellent book, which gave the story structure and made the real soldiers (like Dick Winters) come alive.

    The Pacific is all over the place, they finally reintroduce Sledge now in basic training in this episode, and do not address at all how he got into the marines with his heart condition. Its just boom, he there. Maybe this will be dealt with later, but how this was done in this episode is puzzling.

    The voiceover by Tom Hanks of the brutal conditions promised more than the actual story delivered. Again little fighting (again at night so we can't see anything, with shots of carnage in the morning) They reportedly spent millions on each episode, and we can't see anything! We see machine guns firing and brief flashes of Japanese charging but its too confusing. We don't feel the danger they are in, we may know it from history, but they don't show it.

    The episode was supposed to deal with three islands, but the vast majority was spent on Glouchester. The soldiers supposedly hated Pavavu, but we can't see why from what's on screen. They spend the five minutes sitting on the beach. Yes Lecke gets sick, but he was sick on Glouchester, so we don't see WHY Pavavu was so bad. Lots of telling the audience without showing, which is a big no-no in storytelling.

    The end of the episode was the only time this entire series where the Pacific reminded me of the superior Band of Brothers, with Lecke seeing how bad the soldiers who snapped were and showing the people caring for them. They are trying to tell three stories and the war and are not doing anything well. The show looks good, but the characters pop in and out so regularly it has no focus. Ballisome is only mentioned off camera as a war hero selling bonds, Sledge appears briefly after not being seen since episode one, and by covering three islands even Lecke, who got the main story felt rushed. All very surprising.
  • Terrible series thus far. ***SPOILER WARNING***

    Unlike the previous reviewer I'm not prepared to give this series one more shot. This series is complete dreck. It's been 4 episodes now. I only feel mild interest in two of the characters. Leckie simply because they've shown so much of him and Basilone who only gets a sliver of action. No longer interested in Leckie as a character after this episode. Yes it's sad and yes these were honorable men but it simply does NOT make for a watchable television series.

    I was hooked on at least 4 characters at the end of the very first BoB:Europe episode and they were merely training. By the time they had finished the airdrop episode I cared about the fates of each and every soldier that got some screen time. I knew them by name and could really get behind them and was made to feel closer to the action.

    Maybe it's because they were played by good actors, had good dialogue, didn't cry as much, and looked very distinguishable from each other. ORRR maybe it's because they had a distinguishing moment in combat and they really brought it out in the action sequences. Something I can't say for this series at all. I can barely tell one character from the other and no one stands out in my mind for any reason save Basilone.

    It's 48 minutes of bad weather, dysentery, crying, and hand holding followed by the bonzai blitz/machine gun massacre. They should've just extended the "Chasing Women in Australia" episode until the end of the series. If BoB:Europe was a 10/10 then this is surely a big fat zero. It is the polar opposite of the awesomeness that was BoB:Europe. Good lord it's bad! Now I want to go outside and sit in the rain and cry.
  • I don't understand why jackasses give this show a bad rating...

    I believe that this show is not in the least bit worse than BoB, but it would be unfair for me to say that it is better, or just as good, as its predecessor.

    The shows are very different from each other; while BoB's focus was primarily on the war and smaller skirmishes, the main idea of Pacific is to follow the soldiers through all of the physical and mental aspects of the war - and not on the war itself.

    That is why we don't really see much combat in these episodes, it's just not the point. We know that the battle is raging, we catch glimpses of it, see it in the background and feel its presence throughout the narration. Anyone who doesn't like this type of story is, in my opinion, a blood-thirsty meat-head who most probably enjoyed Saving Private Ryan a lot more than Flags of Our Fathers, Apocalypse Now or Thin Red Line.

    Anyway, with this rant over, on to the actual episode:

    The one complaint I have against this episode, and really all of them in general, is that they seem a little too episodic. The events that happened previously don't really get mentioned at all. Apart from a few throw-away sentences, you would never be able to tell what had happened to these men if you hadn't watched the whole series. That being said, I felt that this was a truly excellent look at all of the little-known horrors of war - the horrible climates, diseases and mental collapses that befall the Marines and arguably cause more damage, both physical and mental, than the actual skirmishes with the opposing forces.

    All in all, a truly impacting episode. But if you are looking for a slaughter, look elsewhere. This is the grown-man war series - the one I've been hoping for.
    Kids and teenagers should do well to stay away from it.

  • Good episode. Really shows the terrible circumstances in which this war was fought.

    I see a lot of bad reviews of this episode and honestly I don't know why. You really see how the men suffered and how horrible those weeks/months in the Pacific were for them.
    You shouldn't compare it to Band of Brothers, just because it's a totally different face of the war. It's not in Europe, it's in the Pacific... So the battlefield is the totally different and the suffering of the soldiers is totally different.

    After these first episodes I'm interested in a couple of marines, but especially Leckie offcourse. In this episode I feel the actors did a great job. Also the battle scene was shot good (imo), because you could really see/feel the confusion when a platoon of Japs is storming your way.