The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 16, 2010 on HBO

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  • Exellent series from start to finish. It was and honest all the way through and had a lot better storyline than Band of Brothers. It was also more realistic then BoB and showed more of the emotion the war had in soldiers minds during world war 2.

    This final episode is a perfect way to end the series and it shows Eugene and Leckies experiences after the war, Eugene has a hard time trying to understand why he survived and so many others didn't. Which I think was great to show that because every man who fought in the war probably did think that. So it shows a bit of realism in there and out of the episodes in The Pacific that don't have any fighting in it... this is the best (My Opinion) I don't really know why it just is. The only reason I didn't give this episode a perfect rating was because it didn't at all have action in it... but thats not the point of the series and the same goes to BoB, the point of these two series are to Honour the men who fought in world war 2.
    And so people will say BoB is better because it has more action...... and yes The Pacific has plenty of talking parts but we can't change that, if thats what really happened then too bad, it's all based on true stories and it wouldn't be honouring the Veterans who fought during world war 2 if we changed it. So my final say is that Band of Brothers and The Pacifc are both great mini-series.
  • Not much substance for a finale...

    This series has been enjoyable for the most part but certainly not up to the standard set by Band of Brothers.

    This episode surprised me because it really didn't have much to contribute to the story. All we see is the men returning to civilian life. There is no excitement and doesn't really seem to work the way they probably intended. The only interesting part of this final is the five minute bit at the end looking at the real characters and what happened to them after the war. In fact, this episode really didn't need to happen at all. They could have easily left it at nine episodes and tagged the summary on the end of the last episode.

    It has been a good series to watch but when you take out the opening credits, the re-cap, and the closing credits, the episodes are very short. If they had ditched the final, pointless episode they could have made a harder hitting five-part series.
  • Surprisingly mediocre series ends with wimper.

    Well, people have said telling the story of the Pacific was harder than the one in Europe, which is why so many more movies, books, etc.. have been done about our fight with the Nazis. Unfortunately, "The Pacific" continued that trend.

    Why is telling the Pacific hard? Maybe because the fighting was so much more brutal and our soldiers did not act like the saints we perceive them to be from "the greatest generation".

    As too this particular was the above, plus the fact that the series did not have a compelling narrative and the people it portrayed was not well done.

    Although the three soldiers (Sledge, Leckie, and Ballisone) were based on real people, we never understood what made them tick. (even more surprising because Leckie and Sledge wrote memoirs) What made Bellisone a hero? How was he different from the other? Why was Leckie so unhappy? How did the war really effect Sledge? We never really saw into these characters. Also, I believe it hurt that the stories were all different and not connected to each other. There was nothing to unify the story like BOB with Easy Company. The narrative jumped all around throughout the series and we never got invested in any one storyling, let alone all of them.

    As for the finale? Bellisone's wife visits his family. The scene was a few minutes and that was that. What was the point of that scene? Bellisone's story was the weakest of the three. Since he's been dead fifty years, I don't believe the actors or the writers had any insight into what made him tick.

    Leckie comes home and we are surprised to learn the letters he wrote to his neighbor were never sent by him. She was an idea for him to keep him going. They show him courting her and he gets a job writing for the paper. Probably the best story of the three as I did not see the twist coming.

    Sledge comes home, his friend sneaks off the train while he sleeps, so no goodbye. One of the weirder relationships I seen between to people in war movies. Were they friends, really? Or just people who went through hell together and survived? I think it was the latter. He has trouble adjusting to home, but the epilogue states he got over it and seemed to have a nice life. That was one of the problems with his whole story, there was not a single payoff or consistentcy with his story. He had a heart condition that kept him out of the army..until it didn't, what did this have to do with anything..we aren't told. He forms some relationships that really don't mean anything to him once home since he never sees them again..he supposedly had a hard time adhjusting, but turns out ok in the! That was the most compelling story they could find to base a multi-million dollar series on?

    I don't blame the actor, but the creators (Speilberg, Hanks) what was about Sledge's story that made you say, "we need to tell his story!" I don't see it at all.

    All in all, a very dissapointing series.
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    The series finale for The Pacific, HBO's latest high budget program, was tonight and while it gave us the closure we needed, I can't say it was the greatest conclusion for a show of all-time and part of that is because I was never that crazy about the preceding nine episodes of television. While gaining that closure was important, that was never that big a deal for me because we never grew as emotionally attached to these characters as we did with Band of Brothers; in fact there were times when I had trouble telling them apart.

    Maybe when it pops up on Spike TV in a few years I will learn to appreciate it more, but I cannot say that I was a fan of this miniseries in good conscious. Just mediocre drama with great special effects is probably the best way to describe The Pacific.