The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on HBO

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  • A filler episode, which is very surprising for a ten episode series..this is not band of brothers

    I am underwhelmed with this offering, and maybe Hanks and Speilberg just does Europe better, but the Pacific just isn't compelling to me.

    Others on here have stated the same and blame our fast paced society, etc.. but I don't think so. The problems with the show is not that "nothing happens" its that the stories are not interesting. They sacrificed too much (I think) for realism, and it detracts from the story itself.

    Four episodes in, the battles are all at night and hard to see, which makes them underwhelming..might be accurate, but not good tv. Also, this particular episode almost felt like filler. I don't see what soldier's getting nookie in Austrailia adds to the narrative. It was almost soap opera. The girl breaks up with Lecke because he might die, so what was the point, to show his mortality? The other soldier bargaining with the father of a girl for permission to court was cute, but this is supposed to be epic, how did that advance the story..I don't get it.
  • Forgettable episode.

    There were only three points of interest in this episode: 1) Basilone gets a Medal of Honor, 2) Leckie is re-assigned to another company because of insubordination and 3) Basilone is sent home to participate in a War Bonds tour.

    That's it, you can now skip this episode. There were several episodes in BoB that I liked more than others, however, NONE of them I would have said were mediocre. This episode was mostly a waste of my time. Somehow, the BoB series was able to point out that these soldiers were also teenage boys that had sex drives without wasting a whole episode to do it.

    If I wanted to see that much intercourse, I would have tuned into HBO's Cathouse. I guess I was hoping that the writers would spend the time between battles more wisely. Character building, backstories, training, dealing with military chickens**t, etc.

    I had very high hopes for this series. Let's hope that the remaining episodes can make me forget this how disappointing this one was.
  • Don't read if your a loser that hates The Pacific.

    This episode is great, and people who didn't like it because it had no action....go watch some dumb movie like transformers you idiots. Just because they go to Melbourne and have heaps of sex, so what, it's a true story it can't change get over yourselves. And if ya think BoB has more action.......WRONG there is no action at all in the first and last 2 episodes of it but on The Pacifc the only episodes it doesn't have action is the third and last, and every fighting scene on BoB is so short and pretty boring still, and The Pacific nailed having better acting and better and more action and a hell of a lot better storyline.
  • Still pretty boring.

    For this episode they really should've changed the title of the show from The Pacific to The Bar and Bedroom as we saw no war scenes tonight and just a plethora of drinking, bar fights and intercourse. I don't know about you, but this is not why I tuned into this mini-series.

    I think part of the reason people may not be connecting with this show the way they did Band of Brothers is that we are now a much faster-moving society, even from 2003, and we want that in our internet, our lifestyles, and even our TV shows. I am not sure fans are willing to ride along with these characters for 10 weeks with such little happening episode to episode.

    It's still early, but I am starting to think that this has been a bust.
  • Not a bad episode,

    Not a bad episode, pretty much on line for what happened during that time. Read W.E.B Griffin, for more of the same, I think that the story line follows a real life scenario and the real marines of the time were quite a lot like the ones depicted in this series. Great series and can't wait to be able to purchase the dvd when it is available.Will eventually be thought of like the Band of Brothers. Kudos to the producers and actors for their portrayal of the heros of WW2. Once a Marine always a Marine, Semper Fidelis!!! /// ///
  • War isn't just about the men...

    Leckie, Basilone, and the rest of the 1st Marines get to take leave in Melbourne. The men seem surprised at the reception that they receive in Melbourne. Much drinking ensues, a fight with the local men occurs, and most of the soldiers head out to find some women. This is though where The Pacific diverges from the standard shore leave cliche that so many war shows have followed. Instead in the vein of Tigerland we follow the break of Private Leckie. Drunk, Leckie follows a girl onto a street car, named Stella (ah Stella, Streetcar ya we get it) and gets her phone number, later he shows up at her house to take her out but instead is welcomed in to have dinner with her family.

    It is at this dinner that the story really began to move me. The idea of strangers inviting soldiers into their homes, completely opening their doors to them always makes me all soft inside. There is a sense that no one anywhere is untouched by war, even if it never comes to their shore, that everyone owes it to soldiers to give them shelter, to do what they can to help them. Specifically there is something beautiful about Stella, and I mean this in a way that goes beyond her looks. Stella has some quality of pureness, there is truth in her, its the honesty, the sense that she has always known Leckie, that she treats him like she has, that she has always loved him, this is what creates the emotion in their scenes together. Perhaps a sense of impending separation causes people to be truthful with each other, to give up on the pretenses that surround, and inhibit the relationships between those who are attracted to each other. The scene where she simply enters the room and gets naked and climbs into bed with Leckie shows this. Not as something that is expected, but something that is given. Clearly she loves him. In the end, love is the problem. Stella does love him, she does want to have his children, but she fears that he will never come back, not that he will get killed, just that he won't come back to her. So Stella sends him away, she says to protect her mother, but really it seems to protect herself. Stella may think that this will lessen her pain but she may be mistaken, a love lost is a love lost. There is no demand of a promise to come back to her, to stay alive, again the relationships are real, this is the way people are.

    The writers avoid the cliches of the love story as portrayed in movies like Pearl Harbor and The Pacific is better for it. Is The Pacific as good as Band of Brothers? The comparison is not fair as far as I am concerned, this is a different kind of story, with different kind of insights to show. Both programs are amazing but comparing them takes away from both.
  • Was that Mad Men?

    lol like I have said this episode was a totally different show compared to last week, it was a lot slower and it never really had anything to do with the previous episodes, we saw a bit more character development in this episode it mainly focuses on Leckie which we have seen plenty of already I might have been better if it focused more on John Balisone or Sledge. I do think we where due a slow epsiode like this becasue part 1 and 2 through us straight into the action and there was no real introduction to the characters. I like some parts to this episode like the bar fight and the scene where Leckie was drunk but I was still dissapointed. Next week should be better.