The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 6

Peleliu Airfield

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on HBO

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  • a fine example of how NOT to film horrific ugly wars

    What is worst?
    to see one of the bloodies battles of WWII and feel nothing about it?
    or to think that the COD5 Peleliu level gave you more thrills?
    or even worse to realise that you cared more about the virtual heroes of COD5 than the paper characters of "the Pacific"?

    "Pacific" has been from the beginning a huge disappointment. Writing? FAILED (checked!) Last time I heard so many cliche dialogues in a war movie I think it was "Rambo".

    Directing? FAILED (checked!)
    Having your hero telling us how scared he is after surviving the Peleliu Airfield battle is like admitting that after 10 whole minutes of reanacting WWII you failed to pass anything to your viewers and you still need your heroes to explain the obvious.

    Casting? FAILED (checked!)
    I personally think that choosing the trees for the Bastogne scenes in BoB was more successful than choosing actors for the Pacific. Which lead us to...

    ACTING FAILED (checked!)
    I don't know who is acting the worse here.. Is it Leckie who has one and half expressions to express the horror of war: a smirk when he thinks he says something important and a numb-dumb-dramatic look for all the rest of the scenes.

    Is it that "Snafou" guy who thinks that if you talk like a stoned bad-a** you can build a character but instead makes you praying a japanese bullet will finally save you from his frustrating existence.
    I could go on for the rest of the cast but I think you get the idea.

    So far the only one who acted lame-less was the Japanese soldier who got killed in the first episode. Maybe cause for the first and last time (till now) we saw a bit of the enemy side as well (except of the piles of bodies)

    In any case this show is a wasted opportunity. I doubt a studio will spend all this $$ again to give us a great WWII story.

    Maybe we don't need any more of WWII shows and movies... "Band of Brothers" and "letters from Iwozima" might be enough.

    The Pacific? Not sure it can even be a decent homage for the WWII Marines.

    What a shame...
  • 106

    The show thirtysomething was sold to ABC purely on the fact that the producers said they would make the viewers not just care about the characters but "love" them. For a show to be successful you have to relate to the characters, empathize with their position. I am having a difficult time just telling them apart, let alone understanding their own personal demons. 60% of this miniseries is done and no breakout stars are present, no episode stands out as memorable and a lot of viewers probably feel like they wasted time by watching it.

    It is safe to say that The Pacific is a bust. As much as I tried to love it, I just could not.
  • So nobody else has written a review of this episode yet eh? I guess the reason is that it was, again, a boring episode that fails to make you care about any of the people acting in it.

    I know that people are mad when someone compares this series to the first Band of Brothers but really this show does not even hold a candle to the original. I mean the visuals are fine, the effects are fine, but the story is so flat.

    Why do the seem to have gone out of their way to make sure that we don't connect with any of the actors? Also why did the editors create a show that seems to jump around so that the war does not take on a life like it did in the first series?

    All I have to say is I am disappointed.
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