The Pacific

Season 1 Episode 5

Peleliu Landing

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on HBO

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  • a little bit of an improvement

    If you want you should just fast forward to the last 15 minutes or so. Lots of action there, lots of Stephen Spielberg blowing stuff up like only he can.

    Prior to that there was some funny dialogue among the recruits, and some nice humor involving the lack of rain, although I would not be opposed to them raising the cameras up a little bit so we did not have to see naked male backsides. That would be super.

    I marked out for seeing Fringe's Anna Torv even if it was a briefer appearance than my longest lasting relationship.

    In summary, a bit better than we have seen as of late, but this is still a huge disappointment. At least it was better than that Treme debacle.
  • Sledge finally sees some combat...

    This episode was a great return to the action packed pace of the part 1 and 2. Sledge hasn't had much screen time so far in the series but this episode centers around him and his first taste of war. I liked the scene with Sledge and Leckey talking about religion, it was great to see two of the main characters meeting each other. It was also intreting to see Sledge meet his company, these scenes reminded me of the episode "Replacements" from Band of Brothers. Part 5 gave us some great battle scenes, we have seen this already on film in the Normandy landings from Saving Private Ryan but this was again an excellently gripping battle leaving us wanting more when the episode ended.
  • Better episode, we can at least now see the action! Sledge episode that still does not mention how he got into marines with heart condition.

    This might be the first good episode of the series, as the marines land on Peleliu and we see an honest to goodness battle. The prior episodes' battles were all at night and we could barely see them. Episode reminded me of BOB episode "replacements" as Sledge finally gets into the series as he is new and still is innocent, as compared to his friend whom he meets on Pavavu and Leckie, who utters the best line so far in the series, "I believe in ammunition". They obviously wanted to contrast Sledge, still new, to the bitter veterans, who spent two years in awful conditions.

    The battle scenes were well done and we could finally see how frightening it was to be there. Sledge had to steel himself repeatedly to fight. The episode also introduced a soldier "Snafu" who is half crazy and again shows the brutality of the pacific, which contrasted to the fighting in Europe. I don't know if its history, or an editorial choice of the writers, but they obviously want us to see that the rules of war went out the window in the Pacific. In BOB, the fighting was hard, but the soldiers didn't seem to lose their souls like in the Pacific.

    On the downside, they still did not address how Sledge got into the Marines with his heart condition, which was a big deal in episode 1. It doesn't look like they will address it, and let it drop. Why did it take him two years to get in? what changed? we don't know. Also, Bellisone again was in the episode only for five minutes, and it was only to show he is famous (the men in the restaurant wanted to meet him and not the beatiful actress) and he is having sex with her. This is nice and all, but I still don't see what this has to do with anything. It seemed like they put this in only because they wanted us to see what her was doing at this time.

    Best episode so far, but that is not high praise.