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  • People are so narrow minded

    To rate a show that is an accurate representation of one of the most brutal conflicts in human history as mediocre is a joke. Too many of you people are looking for some fictional action packed series filled with explosions. I think what makes this show great, lyk Band of Brothers, is you know what your watching is realistic, you know there were people who actually went through such a horrific experience. The production value is great and the combat scenes are every bit as good as BoB, there may not be as many but that doesn't make it poor. Personally I've really enjoyed Pacific so far and look forward to the last 4 episodes. All you people who have slated it because it's not up to your godly standards need a reality check. This is an account of history not a hollywood movie!!!
  • This is a dramatic miniseries depicting real events, showing both the gruesome and realistic side of the war as well as combat. A decent representation of the war in the Pacific with drama and combat. If you want action, go watch an action flick.

    This is a very good miniseries. There is alot more drama in this miniseries; between father and son, as well as a few love interests, than its counterpart, Band of Brothers. There isn't really a main character in the miniseries, but rather shifts between characters, and either one character gets sent back home, or dies, there would be another shift. There aren't as much combat scenes, but there is a lot of harsh reality. The jitters, the flashbacks, and the physiological tole which succumbs to the soldiers reflect the harsh reality. Not only is the enemy, the mortars, and the lack of supplies all taking an tole on the soldiers, but also the terrain and the weather--something which hasn't really come to mind. If you want to see the realistic representation of the war in the pacific theater, watch this miniseries. If you just want pure action, go find something else.
  • Don't Compare to Band of Brothers

    This is not Band of Brothers and that is neither a good or bad thing. This is more a look at the effects of war on a person than how war causes comradery, like band of brothers. I can honestly say I wept during the final episode of this miniseries. To see what the dehumanization of war does to any man is a terrible and incredible thing to behold. And to hear the stories of great American heroes, such as John Basilone, that were not heard before, had an overwhelming effect on me. To wrap up, if you want to experience true appreciation for what our forefathers have done for us, watch this miniseries.
  • Brand new series about the marines that fought against the japenease in world war two.

    So far brillient,brutal,realistic and very entertaining.Each episode deals with a different character and the journey each take.Each character grows and learns the true meaning of war and the effect it can have on your very soul.To me this is the next Band of Brothers.It draws you and connects you to each character until you can't wait for the next episode to see what will happen or who will survive.However the only downside that I can see is the fighting scenes which are mainly shot at night making it confusing to follow,but this may just add to the suspense and realism.With Tom Hanks behind this 10 part miniseries we can only hope that The Pacific will be as good,if not better,than Band of Brothers.
  • Brilliant, brutal, and very enjoyable...

    Like "Band of Brothers" nine years ago, "The Pacific" is a massive achievement. And like its predecessor, it's at its best when it focuses on the small things as a way of reflecting the huge story it's telling. "The Pacific" does a frighteningly good job at depicting the brutal conditions not just in battle, but also in day-to-day life. The advances in digital effects over the last decade, plus a $250 million budget, lets "The Pacific" depict fighting in ways "Band of Brothers" simply couldn't. "The Pacific" never feels like anything less than a cohesive whole. It's really a remarkable piece of television. I know what I'm doing for the next 10 Sunday nights.
  • It was a decent attempt to bring us the horror and story of the Pacific Campaign during World War 2.

    It was a decent attempt to bring us the horror and story of the Pacific Campaign during World War 2. This program was not band of brothers and I don't believe it was meant to be. While Band of Brothers showed the glory of the struggle between good and ultimate evil. The Pacific showed the ugly and just plain evil of war. No matter what side you come down on in a war it's all horrible. The show did an outstanding job of pointing this out. With horrific scenes of true combat and tole it takes on the participants this show did a great job of paying homage to the warriors and showing the horror of war.
  • Not bad for what it represents.

    Why is this show called "The Pacific"? It should just be called "Band of Marines". It does a great job of showing us what they faced and heaven knows how they survived or lived with what they experienced. My problem is if you are going to call a show "The Pacific", where are the subs, battleships, and the carrier battles? What about Corregidor, Leyte Gulf, Coral Sea, Midway, Guam, Manchuria, the Bataan Death March, Pearl Harbor, Singapore, and the attack on Northern Australia? Sorry if I'm nitpicking, but we got to see so little of what the Pacific was all about.
  • Very high expectations, but the Pacific still managed to deliver ...

    First off, this is my first actual review of any kind. And I'm trying to point out that most of the peolpê who were let down by The Pacific, compared it too much with Band of Brothers. Now, The Pacific is in my opinion equally as good as Band of Brothers is. People just expected to get the same feeling with the characters, although that's impossible. These are NEW characters, they have other abilities and choices to make. They are interesting and were developed pretty good. In The Pacific, we don't follow the entire company, we follow 3 specific soldiers (the main characters), starting off at their hometown, and following them untill their end in the war. This show is as historically correct as 'BoB' is. Some may find the war in the Pacific not as interesting as the one fought in Europe, but it was equally (or even more) horrible to fight in. The acting was very good, especially by a supporting character named Snafu. The action scenes were (obviously) fantastic. And the Pacific too, has some scenes that will leave you completely speechless. This serie portrays the war very hard and brutal, I can't see how people would expect something else tho.

    To sum it up; Instead of a copy of 'BoB'(which apparently most people wanted), we get a 'refreshing' and realistic take on the Pacific. These characters are NOT Winters, nor Shifty. They DO NOT fight in Europe against Nazi's, and they DO NOT endure the exact same thing as Easy Company did. Therefore, this show will never be BoB. As far as the plot, characters, and the action scenes go, this is once again, one hell of a mini-serie by HBO.
  • Bien

    Foi uma srie muito boa, que, alis, me fez lembrar de uma srie de documentrios chamada Vice (eu recomendo dar uma olhada em seu site oficial 3/) cujo tema aborda os problemas scio-polticos de pases como o Irak, Rssia, China, etc.
  • Soldiers Are Human Beings

    The war scenes are not perfect for a show; but close to reality. A closer look at the soldiers' personal life as humans not machines is so dominant and appealing.
  • Very decent show, but it doesn't come near the epicness of band of brothers

    I liked the pacific really a lot. A series like the paficic focuses heavily on drama, characters and the hell that is war. I like a show were you can feel with the characters and have an emotional attachment to the them (some more than others). It makes a series like this more realistic and gives it much more drama (especially when someone dies). The battle scenes are definatly my favorite scenes of the show because they depict the horrors of war and they really give you a thrill while you watch them. Unlike that one (totally unnecessary in my mind) episode were they all go to Australia and have unmeaningful relationships with the local women...
    Sure it isn't that unrealistic because a lot of these soldiers actually did establishe relationships with women in Australia. I just think that when you make a show about bravery, friendship and sacrafice, 'Love interests' should be kept as just a minor side story.
    My main complaint however is that I watched Band of Brothers before I watched this and I have to say that that show was way better. Not that this show is bad but overall it just doesn't come near Band of Brothers.
  • Throughout the entire series, i kept waiting & waiting to get hooked on this show, but it never came

    I wanted to like this show so much but I just found episode after episode to be dull. And I couldn't make myself care for the characters. But truth is, I don't even know where to begin naming all the flaws. There were so many, it was actually surprising how unprofessional this show was in so many areas.. The best part about this whole show was the intro. I had such high hopes for The Pacific, what I got though was an incoherent jumble of storylines mixing like oil & water with a love story inserted as a change of pace. Disappointing
  • Tries to be Band Of Brothers but fails miserably

    From some of the same people that brought us Band Of Brothers this show had all the potential to be just as good but let us down in almost every department. The one redeeming feature were the action sequences, the only problem was I didn't care enough about the poorly constructed characters to care if they made it or not. This was down to some shaky acting and a lot of poor writing. Maybe I'm being a little harsh but I had such high hopes for this show after loving Band Of Brothers so much. Still anything that brings understanding and appreciation to what those brave soldiers went through for us is deserving of a watch.
  • boring to death.

    Series and Movies like Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan should be put to rest. 2nd World War is getting old. Really Old.

    The plot mechanism focusing on the special bonds of soldiers who see each other die easily for nothing during War is getting even older.

    The Production is cheap and doesn't deliver visual expectation of the audience.

    The casting is weak, none of the actors steps up to take the lead. You will easily forget the characters of this mini series. Dialogues are mediocre. This show tries too hard to keep the prolongation of the 2nd World War Trauma, but traumatizes the audience only by boring them to death.