The Pacific

HBO (ended 2010)


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  • This is a dramatic miniseries depicting real events, showing both the gruesome and realistic side of the war as well as combat. A decent representation of the war in the Pacific with drama and combat. If you want action, go watch an action flick.

    This is a very good miniseries. There is alot more drama in this miniseries; between father and son, as well as a few love interests, than its counterpart, Band of Brothers. There isn't really a main character in the miniseries, but rather shifts between characters, and either one character gets sent back home, or dies, there would be another shift. There aren't as much combat scenes, but there is a lot of harsh reality. The jitters, the flashbacks, and the physiological tole which succumbs to the soldiers reflect the harsh reality. Not only is the enemy, the mortars, and the lack of supplies all taking an tole on the soldiers, but also the terrain and the weather--something which hasn't really come to mind. If you want to see the realistic representation of the war in the pacific theater, watch this miniseries. If you just want pure action, go find something else.