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  • Very high expectations, but the Pacific still managed to deliver ...

    First off, this is my first actual review of any kind. And I'm trying to point out that most of the peolpê who were let down by The Pacific, compared it too much with Band of Brothers. Now, The Pacific is in my opinion equally as good as Band of Brothers is. People just expected to get the same feeling with the characters, although that's impossible. These are NEW characters, they have other abilities and choices to make. They are interesting and were developed pretty good. In The Pacific, we don't follow the entire company, we follow 3 specific soldiers (the main characters), starting off at their hometown, and following them untill their end in the war. This show is as historically correct as 'BoB' is. Some may find the war in the Pacific not as interesting as the one fought in Europe, but it was equally (or even more) horrible to fight in. The acting was very good, especially by a supporting character named Snafu. The action scenes were (obviously) fantastic. And the Pacific too, has some scenes that will leave you completely speechless. This serie portrays the war very hard and brutal, I can't see how people would expect something else tho.

    To sum it up; Instead of a copy of 'BoB'(which apparently most people wanted), we get a 'refreshing' and realistic take on the Pacific. These characters are NOT Winters, nor Shifty. They DO NOT fight in Europe against Nazi's, and they DO NOT endure the exact same thing as Easy Company did. Therefore, this show will never be BoB. As far as the plot, characters, and the action scenes go, this is once again, one hell of a mini-serie by HBO.