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  • Very decent show, but it doesn't come near the epicness of band of brothers

    I liked the pacific really a lot. A series like the paficic focuses heavily on drama, characters and the hell that is war. I like a show were you can feel with the characters and have an emotional attachment to the them (some more than others). It makes a series like this more realistic and gives it much more drama (especially when someone dies). The battle scenes are definatly my favorite scenes of the show because they depict the horrors of war and they really give you a thrill while you watch them. Unlike that one (totally unnecessary in my mind) episode were they all go to Australia and have unmeaningful relationships with the local women...
    Sure it isn't that unrealistic because a lot of these soldiers actually did establishe relationships with women in Australia. I just think that when you make a show about bravery, friendship and sacrafice, 'Love interests' should be kept as just a minor side story.
    My main complaint however is that I watched Band of Brothers before I watched this and I have to say that that show was way better. Not that this show is bad but overall it just doesn't come near Band of Brothers.
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