The Paper Chase

Season 1 Episode 3

A Day In The Life Of . . .

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Ford's father, Franklin Ford II, visits the campus to recruit the best-of-the-best for his prestigious law firm. He brings Ford's 16-year old sister, Tracy, along who becomes smitten with Hart.

Ford's overbearing father soon has his son close to a nervous breakdown trying to live up to the "tradition of the Fords" which includes great-great grandfather, Judge Ford, whose picture peers down from Kingsfield's oom.

Anderson gets Hart to run for the Law School council and Ford's father pressures his son to run.

Ford believes Hart is trying to show him up in front of his father and rebuffs all of Hart's attempts to listen to reason. Ford comes close to a melt down, but Hart finds him brooding and drinking in Kingsfield's oom, leaving Anderson to make speeches for the Law Council.

Anderson, who is proud of himself for winning the council seat, gets his when he is forced, the next morning, to erase all of the banners Ford and Hart wrote ("Anderson for President", "Anderson for Dean", "Anderson for King" and so forth). And the portrait of great-great grandfather Ford sports a new look.