The Paper Chase

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

One of the law school's most beloved professors, an expert in trial law, has begun to exhibit strange behavior.

It hasn't become apparent to those who know him and work at the school, but the problem is well known to his students, as the symptoms to his disease seem to be exasperated while under the pressure of lecturing.

Even though he is loved by his classes, the students are afraid that his inconsistencies will eventually affect their education and feel they need to ask for a new professor.

Ford understands the dilemma. He had to watch the same thing happen to his grandfather and the devastating results of his being forcibly retired from the family company. He pursues a way to release Professor Grey from his position without taking away his dignity and, at the same time, getting the replacement for the sake of the students.

He figures that Kingsfield will have a solution and seeks his advice, only to be rebuffed for meddling in a non-issue. But after a more than interesting chess game with the old professor, Kingsfield sees that his student is right and comes up with a plan to save both the professor and the students.

Kingsfield offers his old friend the position of Emeritus, and the professor retires without embarrassment while the students get their new instructor.