The Paper Chase

Season 1 Episode 18

Once More With Feeling

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1979 on CBS

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  • A tenured Torts professor (played by ex-Brady dad, Robert Reed) has been successful in covering up the true purpose of his nighttime tutorials with female students desperate for grades. He meets his match when he attempts to harrass Logan.

    Robert Reed guest stars as Professor Adams, a popular Torts professor with fifteen years tenure at the law school. He has developed an unfortunate habit of identifying female One-L\'s who are faltering in their studies and offering them special late-night tutorials during which they will be given an opportunity to raise their grades (wink! wink!). He chooses Logan as his latest victim, deviating slightly from his previous modus operandi-this time he changes the grade on Logan\'s exam (which deserved an \"A\") to a \"B\". He schedules a conference with Logan to pitch his special brand of one-on-one seminar. Of course, she rebuffs him. The following day, upon checking her posted exam score, she finds that it has now dipped to a \"C\". She intends to pursue disciplinary procedures agianst the wayward professor, but she realizes that the dean may side with the tenured professor if it comes down to his word against hers. The study group finds her close to tears and offers to help her to gather additional evidence. Anderson finds that the professor\'s appointment book has multiple nightime entries for another female One-L, Amelia Hutton (fetchingly played by by Judith Chapman, later to play a number of villainesses on the daytime soaps). Anderson and Logan approach her, but she will not testify as she perceives \"favors for grades\" as her only chance for that cushy job in the post-law school world. Meanwhile, Logan pleads her case before Kingsfield. Although he does not tip his hand to Logan, he believes her, and he immediately schedules a conference with Prof. Adams wherein he reminds him of the similar allegations of another female student from last year (who withdrew from school before an investigation was completed). Prof. Adams ipicks up on Kingsfield\'s hint\'s and is running scared-he hurriedly calls Logan in, and revises her grade to \"A\", but she will not withdraw her charges. Hart approaches Amelia (who has come into Ernie\'s Tavern to close another \"favors for grades\" deal with a teaching assistant) and shames her into departing from her unsavory path when it becomes apparent one teaching assistant has \"traded her off\" to another teaching assistant). Episode concludes with Kingsfield forcing Adams out of the law school. Logan and Adams exchange lengthy stares as Adams carries a box of his personal effects out to his car and drives off on his unscheduled \"sabbatical\". Robert Reed delivers a rather perfunctory \"wooden\" characterization of Professor Adams, something less than you would expect, given his Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts background.