The Paper Chase

CBS (ended 1986)


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  • The Paper Chase was brilliantly written. John Housman's Professor Kingsfield was someone who could be a model for others to follow. It would be beneficial for all of us to "Fill The Room With Our Intelligence" Roger B Baskin

    The Paper Chase was literally too good for television. It is not a sleazy television show. Instead, it is a show that was intellectual and encouraged their viewer to think in a critical and analytical manner. The Professor Kingsfield character was outstanding, in no small part as a result of the acting of John Houseman. I always thought of the law as something of a sleazy profession. However, Kingsfield taught me that the law in its purist form is truly a noble profession. He also encouraged me to think. To "Fill The Room With Your Intelligence. Let the walls vibrate with the quality of your mind." It is my favorite all time t.v. show. Roger B Baskin