The Paranormal Borderline

UPN (ended 1996)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode Nine
      Episode Nine
      Episode 9

      Story 1) A medium goes to the site of a World War II battle to channel the restless souls that still reside in that spot.

      Story 2) People try to search for truth about s military's most closely guarded base with a help of a meditation.

      Story 3) A woman believes she has the power to predict up coming major global changes.

      Story 4) A man captures daylight footage of a UFO over his ranch in Colorado.

      Story 5) The psychic detectives direct their skills to the case of a loved woman who was shot in cold blood behind her New Orleans-area home.

    • Episode Eight
      Episode Eight
      Episode 8
      Story 1) Several astronauts, who are breaking their code of silence, tell about UFOs and coming forward with details of what they have seen in space. Story 2) A man helps other people with their problems by using insight and gifts he believes came from journeys to the other side. Story 3) a server inherits property, but relives it comes with a ghost. Story 4) A panel of psychic detectives take on a case of a girl who disappeared at a county fair. Story 5) A group of schoolchildren witnesses a special message from what they believe is the Virgin Mary. Story 6) Two friends encounter a strange object at a nearby lake. Developing the pictures of the object later revealed close up pictures of an alien spacecraft.moreless
    • Episode Seven
      Episode Seven
      Episode 7
      Story 1) The first part involves cases of spontaneous human combustion, where people’s bodies suddenly catch on from the inside and are burned to death. They leave behind no more than a pile of ash. Story 2) Doretta and her family began experiencing strange phenomena shortly after they moved into their new home. The spirits have levitated objects and set fires to items in the families’ home. Story 3) A 15 year old girl named Tara was killed in a car accident and to her family's amazement; she has left many messages letting them know that she is now an angel. Story 4) Julie’s father was a top NASA scientist and, after his death in 1990, Julie is bringing her fathers strange files it to the public eye. Story 5) Joseph developed amazing powers after being struck by lighting, which he uses to assist the military in locating missing persons, and downed aircrafts. Story 6) Tony was an unknown 7 year old until he was gunned down in cold blood on Halloween as he was trick or treating, however his community is now dedicated to finding his killer.moreless
    • Episode Six
      Episode Six
      Episode 6
      Story 1) The McCauley family was prey to spirits that occupied their home for several years. With no support from anyone through all of this difficulty, the McCauley’s started VOPPS, which stands for Victims of Paranormal Phenomena Support. This way, others like them could discuss their experiences in a non-judgmental environment. Story 2) After being struck by lightening in 1970, one man developed amazing powers of remote viewing. Today, he now uses this power to assist the military in locating missing persons and downed aircraft. Story 3) Robert Morning Sky's believes that the Hopi people know the hidden history of humankind. In addition, that they have a special connection with celestial beings and that what they have been taught can help our entire planet. Story 4) Frank Bender has a strange gift. He can see the faces of victims of horrible crimes and recreate them in clay. He uses his abilities to help the police solve missing person’s cases. Story 5) Betty Hill goes public and shows her films of UFOs flying above her house. Although she knows the UFO abduction phenomena to be very real, in her new book she states that most claims are false and are merely the fantasies.moreless
    • Episode Five
      Episode Five
      Episode 5
      Story 1) Two teenage girls go out for a walk and photograph a UFO. Later however, the girls have the pictures developed and do not even remember the incident. Story 2) A World War I doctor who died in a field hospital has been reincarnated for the fourth time to continue his healings. Story 3) A psychic is called in to help solve the brutal murder of a popular 16 year old girl. Story 4) A man seeks help from spiritualist James Van Praagh, The man wants to contact his dead mother who died while saving his life.moreless
    • Episode Four
      Episode Four
      Episode 4
      Story 1) Carl who is a pastor at a church in Kingston, Georgia, leads his congregation through a series of bizarre rituals involving handling deadly snakes and consuming highly poisonous creatures. Story 2) A family believes their faith keeps them alive. Story 3) A family ranch in Sedona, Arizona has the nickname "Galactic Park" because of many incidents of visitations by unearthly creatures. Story 4) For the past 25 years, a real-life ghost buster has been helping people who are tormented by spirits. Story 5) A family on the Oregon border found one of their cows dead in a bizarre way. The family is convinced that they are at the center of something paranormal.moreless
    • Episode Three
      Episode Three
      Episode 3
      Story 1) A California surgeon is removing mysterious objects from under the skin of victims of alien abduction. Story 2) A New York corrections officer believes he has seen were spirits of Confederate soldiers. Story 3) A woman says her dead grandmother visited her. Story 4) A Colorado woman wakes up every morning with a new needle mark or scar on her body. She believes that it is from aliens whom she once had a close encounters with. Story 5) Psychic detectives give their insight into a case where a woman disappeared after making a cash withdrawal at an automatic teller machine.moreless
    • Episode Two
      Episode Two
      Episode 2
      Story 1) New witnesses are coming forward from the Roswell crash. They are the children of Roswell's key players who recall what they saw and what they heard. Story 2) A family must deal with the fact that their four children exhibit paranormal abilities. Story 3) A family that encountered ghostly activity in their house has moved repeatedly, only to have the spirits follow them from location to location for over 25 years. Story 4) An envelope has surfaced and it contains nothing less than proof of alien experiments in human reproduction. Story 5) A panel of psychics aid law enforcement authorities with the case of a single mom who was gunned down at her home by a man wearing a wolf mask. Story 4) After a remarkable near death experience, two women realizes they have a friendship so strong that it seems to go beyond life itself.moreless
    • Episode One
      Episode One
      Episode 1
      Story 1) Kim Carlsberg tells how her alien encounter has cost her job and nearly her sanity. Convinced that she is regularly abducted, Carlsberg says that she has undergone bizarre medical experiments. While doctors cannot verify the story, in private they will not completely discount it. Story 2) A mysterious beast seems to be threatening a small town in Puerto Rico, violently mutilating livestock. The small town is trying to band together so they can battle a creature that frightens them to death. No human casualties have been reported by the town, but you never know what could happen next. Story 3) In Ventura, California, a woman felt drawn to her house when she moved in 13 years ago and from that moment on, she has felt a presence in her home. The presence looks over her takes care of her by saving her from fires in her home. Story 4) Psychic detectives help in the investigation of a missing dancer Story 5) A five year old girl who narrowly escaped death in the tragic car accident that took the lives of her mother and 11-month-old brother is given strength through her visions of heaven and her deceased family members.moreless