The Parent 'Hood (1995)

Season 1 Episode 11

Nice Guys Finish Lust

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 03, 1995 on The WB

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  • Robert has serious doubts about Zariah's new boyfriend, Darryl, and is determine to find out the truth.

    This is your standard episode about a father questioning the intents of his daughter's boyfriend. Robert plays nice with Darryl and even let Darryl drive his car for a concert date with Zariah. Robert and Wendall follow the two and end up damaging someone's else as the happy couple remain unaware of them.
    The episode was average and it remind us that a parent should always give thier child the benefit of the doubt. Zariah had chosen a decne tguy for a boyfriend and Robert was determine to find the wrong in the young man. He never took into account that the teachings of his and Jeri allow Zariah to find a nice guy on their own and that Robert should trust her.