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  • I loved this show

    I loved every season although it got bad starting sometime during season and not because of TK because I liked TK especially the chemistry between him & Zaria since their scenes were the best parts of those seasons.

    The problems were that Robert's fantasies got worse since he started talking after they were done and Nickolas acting like a jerk towards CeCe & Jesse when came to doing business with than that,the show was great
  • This show rocks

    The Parent 'hood is one of my favorite shows. I watch it on Bounce TV. I taught this show was good
  • Love this show the best season was season 3

    I love this show I think my favorite season though would have to be season 3 that season had some of the funniest moments in it plus I liked the love triangle between Zaria Shakim and skye this show
  • The Parent 'Hood is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool.

    The Parent 'Hood is a teenager that helps her detective father solve cases, while attending highschool. For the past two years this show has had 2 big mysteries per season - each being solved by the end of the season. This is not like most shows that will string you along for years. On top of this we normally also get a "Mystery of the Week" (MOTW), that gets sloved in that same episode. Each of these MOTW are compelling in their own right.
  • -

    I loved this show. I don\\\\\\\'t think I missed one episode. It was so realistic with the different experiences both the children and parents faced. The show however did jump shark when they added the troubled teen TK to the show. That along with Robert\\\\\\\'s fantasies becoming sillier and sillier really brought the show down from what it was. I would still support and buy any dvd\\\\\\\'s though.
  • I Loved the show i used to watch it all the time!! I wish it come back on again!!!

    The Parent 'Hood was a show to show people how black people live, well the well to do black people, and it showed morals and values. Ilove it and it really needs to come back on. It was a funny show but serious at the same time! I loved it!
  • This show is about a family man teaching his four children family values and other life lessons.

    I absolutely loove this show and just wish they would bring

    it back. This show taught alot of family values and life

    lessons. This show was really informative and was not

    vulgar in anyway. I really liked this show and it was my

    all time favorite during that period of time.
  • I'm not sure that there is much to be done to fix this show

    I've never liked Robert Townsend as a comedian. I don't think he's funny at all. The funniest person on this show was Wendell, and he was better as 'Big Worm' in Friday than all his years on this show. There was nothing particularly offensive, weird or objectionable about the show, which is partially why it tended to be so stale.
  • Rather simple family show, not really anything special, but the issues the show itself raises can hit close to home.

    As I've said theres nothing special about this family show as opposed to the many others just like it. Some of the characters manage to pass the show off as entertaining while others just have you wondering if the script can get any cornier.

    Mainly I speak of the flashbacks that seem way too out of place, yet they manage to find a way to sneak one in every episode. If someone switched the channel to this show during a flashback, I doubt they'd be able to tell if it was a real show or just another low budget skit show.

    The selling point of this show are the issues it raises, not the overdone teenage situations, but some fairly controversial ones such as teen pregnancy. None of that "Does he like me--I need a date" kind of crap these types of shows usually resort to. This alone is enough to make me watch it.

    Overall its decent the low points are hardly enough to take away from the show itself.
  • A lesson of family values- and Wendell.

    The Parent 'Hood was a show about a seemingly average family. Robert Townsend played the father, Robert Peterson, a professor. His wife Jerri, played by Suzzanne Douglas, was a law student. There were two boys, Michael, the oldest of the siblings and Nicholas, the second youngest. They also had two girls, Ceecee, the youngest, and Zaria, the second oldest. The kids were never really too mean to each other. In the beginning of the fourth season, Michael, the character and the actor, left the show, and Tyrone Dorzell Burton joined the cast as T.K., a homeless Other regulars included Derek Sawyer and Wendell Wilcox, friends of Robert and the family. There was Mrs. Wilcox, in the first season, and Kelly Peterson, Robert's brother in the final season. A common thing throughout the episodes was Robert's daydreaming from his imagination, or rather, nightmare. The show began in 1995 and ended in 1999.