The Parent 'Hood (1995) - Season 2

The WB (ended 1999)


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  • Reconcilable Differences
    Nicholas overhears a difference of opinion between his parents and mistakenly thinks they are getting a divorce because of him, and enlists Wendell's help in trying to keep them together. Meanwhile, an overworked Jerri asks Michael and Zaria to babysit Cece.
  • Ode to Billy Stankbreath
    Robert begins to appreciate life more when an old acquaintance of his passes away. He plans a picnic for the family, and when the bad weather keeps them from going outdoors, they wind up delivering the baby of Wendell's pregnant passenger.
  • I Never Danced for My Mother
    When Nicholas decides to show off his dance moves in a school talent show, Jerri, who was classically trained, steps in as his teacher; but he finds studying with her akin to attending boot camp. Also, Wendell and Robert stumble upon Zaria's diary.
  • We Don't Need Another Hero
    Zaria gets chosen to appear in a music video with her friends for her favorite performer, Sashay, but Robert forbids her, saying the videos are offensive. Zaria secretly goes to the taping anyway, and Michael accompanies her so he can promote his music. Meanwhile, Nicholas imitates his favorite sports hero and upsets Jerri by acting tough and disobeying her. Robert and Jerri punish him and teach him to distinguish a fantasy figure from reality. Also, Robert and Wendell fantasize about being in a 1970s action film defeating a criminal named Slick.moreless
  • An American Class President
    Zaria runs for class president against Bradley, a popular senior who stoops to use dirty politics by spreading false rumors about her. Furious, Zaria discovers that Bradley has a drug problem and was about to enter the school's counseling program before it was cancelled. Her moral dilemma is whether to sling the mud back at Bradley.moreless
  • Torn Between Two Brothers

    Robert's fraternity brother Greg comes to New York to oversee an art auction. Robert, who hasn't seen Greg in ten years, spends all of his free time with his old buddy, alienating Wendell, who becomes particularly upset after Robert passes up going to the Knicks/Bulls game with him in favor of attending Greg's auction. Wendell has the last laugh when he shows up at the auction with proof that Greg's supposed masterpieces are really common, mass-produced works. Meanwhile, Zaria tries not to become jealous when an ex-boyfriend asks out one of her friends.

  • I'm O'Tay, You're O-Tay
    In observance of Black History Month, Nicholas must choose a famous African-American to portray at a school assembly. Nicholas shocks his family when he tells them he wants to be Buckwheat. Robert suggests to Nicholas that he choose an African-American figure with a more positive image. However, Nicholas is adamant about his choice so Robert decides to lend his son support. At the assembly, Nicholas comes out dressed in Buckwheat garb and speaks in the almost unintelligible style, which was Buckwheat's trademark. However, midway through his speech, Nicholas takes off his Buckwheat wig to explain that during Buckwheat's era, black actors had to portray stereotypical characters if they wanted to be in movies at all, and that we should honor these black film pioneers for making it easier for future generations of African-American actors. Meanwhile, Cece wants to be more like her big sister Zaria by emulating her.moreless
  • The Lost Weekend
    The Lost Weekend
    Episode 15
    There's a slight hitch in Wendell's offer to take Robert and Jerri on a "free" Valentine's getaway to a romantic Pocono Mountains resort: the free weekend is a gimmick used to sell vacation time shares, and Robert and Jerri spend most of their time being hounded by a relentless salesman from the resort. Meanwhile, while the kids have the house to themselves for the first time, Ira runs away from home.moreless
  • Substitute's Pet
    Substitute's Pet
    Episode 14
    Wendell subs in Nicholas' class and makes him the teacher's pet. Nicholas' classmates are jealous of the preferential treatment he is getting so they begin to taunt him relentlessly. In order to get back into his friends' good graces, Nicholas plays a practical joke on Wendell. His classmates stop harassing him but Nicholas feels very guilty about pulling the prank. The next day he goes to Wendell and admits he was the one who played the practical joke. He says he only did it so his classmates would stop teasing him. Wendell accepts Nicholas' apology and begins treating him like a normal student, including making him sit in the corner as punishment for his prank.moreless
  • Little Bitty Pretty One

    Cece wins a kids regional beauty contest, turning her into an insufferable egotist and prompting Robert to launch "Operation Shrink Cece's Head."

  • One Man and a Baby
    One Man and a Baby
    Episode 12
    Michael thinks he's found the perfect girl in Chantel, one with looks, charm, a sense of humor -- and an infant son. Meanwhile, Wendell tries to win the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.
  • The Man Who Canceled Christmas
    Robert decides to cancel the Christmas holiday because he is disgusted with his children's greedy behavior. On Christmas Eve, all of the children have the same strange dream where they are visited by elves, which look a lot like Wendell and Robert. The elves make each of the kids realize how terrible they've been acting. The next morning Robert has a change of heart and decides to celebrate Christmas as usual. However the kids decide to celebrate Christmas a different way by giving all of their presents to needy children.moreless
  • Just Say Yes, No or Maybe
    Robert overhears Michael and his girlfriend planning to take the next big step in their relationship, so he cautions his son about sexual responsibility. But the boy mistakenly interprets it as a parental OK. Meanwhile, Nicholas becomes obsessed with superstition when Wendell gives him a good luck charm.
  • Not With My Daughter
    Robert lends a helping hand to reformed gang member Ricky, but when Zaria takes a romantic interest in the young man, her father gets up in arms.
  • Welcome Back, Robert
    Wendell needs a positive role model to speak to his class of troubled youths, so he asks Robert, who has trouble gaining the class's respect. Meanwhile, Michael and Zaria believe that their mother may be pregnant.
  • Poppa Was a Rolling Stone

    Robert is overwhelmed when the kids throw him a surprise party. Unable to cope with the surprise, Robert leaves the party. Jerri explains that Robert's father left him and his family on his eighth birthday and never returned. The kids put an ad in the newspaper trying to track down their missing grandfather. Their grandfather eventually responds to the ad. Jerri encourages Robert to confront his father to mend their relationship so that the kids can know their grandfather. Robert attempts reconciliation, but they end up butting heads. Robert contemplates the negative cycle of fathers leaving their families and decides to break the cycle. He returns to his father's house with his kids to celebrate his birthday and their reunion.

  • The Taxi Man
    The Taxi Man
    Episode 6
    Nicholas thinks Halloween is going to be anything but a treat after he hears a local legend about a cab-driving ghost. Meanwhile, Michael tries come up with a brilliant way to scare Zaria.
  • Wendell and Muriel's Wedding
    Robert and Jerri finds themselves stuck in the middle when Wendell proposes to a woman he met at Cece's fourth birthday party after a 24-hour whirlwind courtship - and then proposes that the Peterson hold the reception at their house.
  • Track Dreams
    Track Dreams
    Episode 4
    Zaria runs into trouble when her parents discover she's received preferential treatment from her track coach -- and her grades start to slip. Meanwhile, Wendell tries to earn extra money selling cosmetics to Jerri and her friends.
  • Don't Take My Wife, Please
    Jerri's new study partner is funny, smart, handsome -- and a male dancer. Robert becomes even more jealous after Jerri, due to time constraints, agrees to meet her study partner at the dance club where he works, and follows Jerri only to find himself thrust on stage as the MC, with Wendell as a supposed erotic dancer. Jerri, busy backstage studying, has no interest in seeing the show until she hears Robert's voice. Meanwhile, Michael and Nicholas scheme to sell the family collection of baby teeth to the neighborhood kids, who in turn use them to get money from their parents/the tooth fairy.moreless
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss
    It's a case of kiss and tell for Nicholas when he kisses a classmate and his teacher tells his parents that he is sexually harassing the girl. Meanwhile, after seeing Zaria kiss the son of a record company executive, Michael tries to get the executive to listen to his demo tape.moreless
  • Robert in the 'Hood
    Robert is accused of being out of touch when he voices objection to the lyrics of a rap song written by Michael and his posse, so he takes Michael to the "hood" to show him he hasn't forgotten his roots. Meanwhile, Zaria wants her own phone line after discovering Nicholas and Cece are listening in on her phone conversations, and Jerri insists she do chores in exchange; and Wendell fails miserably on his first day of substitute teaching.moreless
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