The Parent 'Hood (1995) - Season 4

The WB (ended 1999)


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  • 'Hood Sweet 'Hood (1)

    TK ponders violence after being assaulted in front of Nicholas. He gets a gun and threatens to shoot Stone, but Robert talks him out of it. The two get ready to leave as Stone aims his gun at the both of them and fires.
    Meanwhile Cece fights with Skylar over the affections of Jesse.

  • Here Comes Z Bride
    Here Comes Z Bride
    Episode 21
    Zariah and her new boyfriend decide to get married. Meanwhile Nicholas wants to try boxing.
  • Hurricane Linda
    Hurricane Linda
    Episode 20
    Things get tense when Jerri's best friend Linda blows into town and meddles in everything about the Peterson household.
  • An Affair to Forget
    An Affair to Forget
    Episode 19
    On an awards show telecast, a famous singer credits Robert with teaching her "all about love and passion." Meanwhile, flirtatious T.K. gives Zaria's socially inept friend Gordon lessons in dating.
  • I Want My Z-TV
    I Want My Z-TV
    Episode 18
    Zaria becomes "the voice of teenage America" as host of a New York-based TV talk show aimed at fellow high-schoolers. But success may be going to Zaria's head when she decides to drop out. Also, almost everyone in the house is missing money at the same time that T.K. starts showing up with new threads and jewelry.moreless
  • Color Him Father
    Color Him Father
    Episode 17
    TK doesn't want to attend the basketball team's Father & Son banquet because his father is in jail for the past 10 years. Meanwhile Zariah is considering going into music.
  • Flaked Out
    Flaked Out
    Episode 16
    Zaria's special 17th birthday outing turns into a real disaster - a natural one - after a blizzard hits, stranding her and her girlfriends at the Peterson house. The party is saved by a surprise visit from R&B star Usher.
  • A Sister Scorned
    A Sister Scorned
    Episode 15
    Jerri's now beautiful fashion-photographer sister Celeste develops a plan to get back at Wendell, who incessantly taunted her when she was a homely high-schooler. Meanwhile, T.K. promises to help the kids with a science project but gets sidetracked by Jesse's comely sister Vivica.
  • Stand by Boo
    Stand by Boo
    Episode 14
    T.K.'s friend Boo, who's "the smartest high-school dropout (he) knows," prepares for her general-equivalency diploma with help from Robert - but not from her skeptical dad. Meanwhile, Cece is promoted to a gifted class taught by substitute Wendell.
  • Money Shot
    Money Shot
    Episode 13
    Racketeer Sonny offers T.K. big money to throw the next basketball game; Nicholas tries to manipulate Cece and Jesse and profit from their cupcake-selling business.
  • Me and Ms. Robinson
    Me and Ms. Robinson
    Episode 12
    Nick and T.K. have crushes on older women -- the former on Zaria's friend Jamie, the latter on Jerri's new intern.
  • Bad Rap
    Bad Rap
    Episode 11
    Zaria's lovestruck friend Jasmine is making beautiful music with her new rap-star boyfriend, but his act hits a sour note with Zaria when he hits on her. Also, Robert and Jerri go on a game show to try and win a trip to Europe for the entire family, including "Uncle" Wendell.moreless
  • Fast Cash
    Fast Cash
    Episode 10
    When T.K. gets a job at a pizza place, two of his old street homeys smell a target for a holdup, and try to get T.K. to cut them in for a slice of the action. Also, aspiring magician Nicholas's assistants have a little something up their sleeves when he refuses to share with them the profits from his show.moreless
  • Don't Go There
    Don't Go There
    Episode 9
    When Nicholas' best friend Drew is abducted from school, Nicholas refuses to leave the house for fear he will be next. Meanwhile, Zaria conducts a study of men for her psychology class using T.K. and Wendell as subjects.
  • The Play's the Thang
    Nicholas writes a play for the school arts festival, but has problems with the star --Wendell -- who wants to make his role as a giant even bigger. Meanwhile, with Jerri away at a law seminar, much to the horror of her siblings Zaria must assume the cooking duties.
  • Zaria Peterson's Day Off
    Zaria recruits T.K. to help spy on her father, whom she suspects is having an affair. Meanwhile, after learning that with weddings come bountiful gifts, Cece decides to marry her young friend Jesse.
  • Father Wendell
    Father Wendell
    Episode 6
    Robert and Jerri smell a rat when Wendell's former lover show up claiming he's the father of her 10-year-old son. Meanwhile, T.K. attempts to protect Zaria when she expresses a romantic interest in his oversexed friend Devaughn.
  • Wendell and I Spy
    Wendell and I Spy
    Episode 5
    After Robert hesitates to call T.K. on his need to have a personal pager, he overhears the boy making a deal to have some "stuff" delivered to the Peterson house. Meanwhile, Zaria takes a job as her mother's legal aide, and Jerri discovers that Nicholas and Cece have sorted her legal briefs with sticky finger.moreless
  • Beauty Call
    Beauty Call
    Episode 4
    Zaria tries to become part of an elite, all-girls social group at school, but the price of admission may be too much for her conscience to bear: as part of an initiation rite she must date a nerd. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Cece try to help Wendell get a line on his love life by hooking him up with a dial-a-date service they saw advertised on TV.moreless
  • No Soul on Ice
    No Soul on Ice
    Episode 3
    Nicholas faces off against a racist hockey coach who believes that the game is "not the sport for (black) people." Meanwhile, Zaria to impress members of the art club to get a scholarship, and T.K. looks for an easy way to succeed in school by having a girl in class write his history paper.moreless
  • Curfew-sion
    Episode 2
    T.K.'s stay is negatively affecting the younger kids: he's got Nicholas and Cece talking trash and flashing gang signs. Meanwhile, Wendell tutors the high school basketball star Big Mo, hoping the student will turn professional and repayWendell's kindness with a generous sum of money.
  • House Arrest
    House Arrest
    Episode 1
    16 year old TK tries tosteal from the Petersons and Jerri decides to save him from the criminal justice system. She brings him into the Peterson home as Robert thinks Jerri is trying to replace Michael, who left for college.