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  • Different from Moesha, but real good.

    This show was so funny. Unrealistic and irritating sometimes, but still funny.
  • Love this show like nothing else!

    Please bring the Parkers back a 2013 version with the same cast, I love Monique, the professor, and Kim; my favorites. When I need a good laugh I have to make time a watch this hilarious.
  • Full of laughter from mom and daughter!

    Now you don't see mom and daughter shows everyday, but with this show, you can't go wrong! Kim is the daughter with a loud personality and experiences school life and strife (from being a cheerleader, the other woman, and more!). Monique is the single mom with a flirtatious attitude and full of zest and extra bubbly things to say. Their personalities all work great together. Great for laughs!
  • The Parkers

    I am a avid fan of the Funnist show that I have ever seen on TV. The writers have really did their Homework on being funny! The Cast , with Monique/ Nikki, Countess Vaughn/Kim, Dorien Wilson/ Professor Ogelvee, Jenna Von Oy/ Stevie, Yevette Wilson/ Andell, & Ken Lawson/tyrell.

    This chemistry comes through on the screen as if they enjoy what there doing! The Producers of the show, should continue doing this! It is a SMASH We Love It! Sincerely David Moore
  • Love this show

    i only watched the reruns never on prime so i haven't seen the Series finale can somone tell me what happened? anyway this is really funny i wish it were on more the mom is just too funny i crack up every time its very cleaver and npt that predictable.
  • Utter Crap...

    Throughout the history of TV Sitcoms led by black characters, some were memorable (Julia, Sanford And Son, The Jeffersons, The Cosby Show) while others are best forgotten (Homeboys In Outer Space, etc..). This show qualifies in the latter category.

    This is a very unfunny Sitcom about 2 man-hungry zaftig black women who are TRYING to get a college education, but apparently they're too busy getting themselves into what maybe best described as an estrogen-soaked revival of Amos N' Andy.

    There is absolutely nothing that is remotely funny in the entire run of this joke of a Sitcom & if anyone asks why no one took UPN (now MyNetwork TV) seriously as a TV network, Look no further than The Parkers.
  • i feel as if it was just alittle better than moeshe but all really the same kim is my favorite character becuz she is just stupid funny, she is so random but she is dying funny, nikki is not funny to me she sucks she aint funny and she just trys to hard.

    this show is good but i think kim needs to hav her own show because countess is a very good actor she has a great role ahead of her , my other character i find great is andell she is so good with her part, i laugh at her all the time on the show so she is good like kim also, i dont like how nikki chases after the proffesor becuase its jus pathetic because he doesnt even want her so they should have changed the script alittle bit though but other than that its really a great show that i would like to own on dvd!
  • This show was not as great as some say it is.

    I will be honest. I did get a lot of laughs, as I am sure did other poeple who watched the show and praise it. But I think that\'s just the problem. The creators of the show, especially the writers, just wanted to make people laugh. But for me, I like intelligent comedy, and a lot of the time, this show did not have that, and therefore ceased to be funny, leaving me rather annoyed than amused. There was obviously no thought put into the writing. Here are some examples;

    There were the episodes where Miss Parker was as fast as flash, and could hear a conversation from another room.

    There was one where she was hallucinating, seeing the professor kissing T\'s mother(played by Sommore) and was saying derogatory things about her(apparently for no reason) in the boy\'s presence.

    She always felt like she was the only woman the professor should talk to.

    The final episode. After everything that has happened, the professor suddenly finds himself \'in love\' with her. YEAH, RIGHT!

    My brother, who writes comments for shows like I do, on another site, has other soon as I introduce him to this site.

    Overall, the show was not that great.
  • When there's nothing else on, there's the Parkers!

    I think Mo' Nique was one of the funniest woman on TV. She's real, she's in your face, and she knows how to make BBW look good. Having said that, this wasn't the right show to showcase her talents in.The "Ms. Parker loves the Professor" saga was simply embarrassing. I know it was supposed to be funny, but after a whole season of him insulting her, it just became pathetic.

    Granted, this show wasn't made to make any strides in race relations or to turn the television world on its head. The jokes were all one-note, the 'plots' very simple, and not much character development at all took place over 5 years. But, at times when there wasn't anything else to watch but infomercials, The Parkers was ok for a little mindless humor.
  • That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of The Parkers.

    That wasn\'t that funny, and it seems to me that artist couldn\'t hold back their extreme jealousy over the success of The Parkers. Man I wish south park would get back to its roots of coming up with original funny content than playing politics every show. I mean so what if family guy rips people off, everyone rips someone off, somewhere along the line, south park even admitted this in one of my favorite episodeS.
  • A good show.

    I love this show. It's one of my favortie shows on TV. I think it's a great spin-off of "Moesha." I think this show is hilarious! Even though some of the jokes are stolen from other shows, and even though the show went down in the later seasons, it was still enjoyable. The casting people chose the right actresses for this show; Countess Vaughn, Mo'Nique, and Yvette Wilson equals funny. Also, it was funny (and a bit scary) watching how Nikki kept persuing the professor, and how he always tried to avoid her, even though he knew down in his heart he really wanted her. I am just in love with this show. It received a lot of criticism for portraying black women as loud, fat, and annoying, but I think it was all for the sake of good comedy.

    THE best show i have ever seen awesome bring them back i really enjoyed when niki and the professor got married we all waited for that and then they cancel it I always feel good when i watch the parkers when i am upset or sad i watch them and feel good
  • The Parkers was one of the shows that made you laugh every episode.

    The Parkers was one of those shows that made you laugh every episode. But the last episode they made was the best. You could have probably figured out that The Professor and Nikki was going to get married or something like that. But this show was one of the best and I wished they could make more episodes from after they got married. So thats whats good!
  • This sjow was OK. It have me something to watch. I can't argue with it though. Sometimes it was funny. The season finale was very predictable too.

    The Parkers was something for me to watch when nothing else was on. I like the later seasons better. I have watched a lot of episodes and the shows just seems the same to me. Don't get me wrong The Parkers was a decent show. It was a spin-off from Moesha.
  • The definition of \\\"LOL\\\" comedy!

    The summary says it all. This show was the best comedy out there. Mo\\\'Nique and Countess was so funny along with Ken and Yvette. Dorien did play a good role in this series too. I love the Nikki and Professor storyline. I loved everything about the series and I\\\'m glad that UPN decided to take on this spin off. \\\"Moesha\\\" was a good show too. I wish this show would come back. But I\\\'m loving my afternoon laughs, since the show comes on at 3pm Eastern time, which is the exact time I arrive home from school on weekdays! Hilarious is the best word to describe this show.
  • BRING IT BACK, Nikki Parker a single mother who decides to go back to college with her daughter Kim Parker who worries more about boys,hair,shoes,clothes,nails, and did I say Boys!! Anywho Kim finds it hard to go to school with her mother but she gets ove

    The Parkers is the show you need to watch if you want a good laugh. Nikki Parker a mother who goes back to college with her daughter Kim Parker and her best friend Stevie and Tee, Kim is kind of the party girl she is what you would call slow, she says dumb things and its funny but sometimes it gets her in some trouble, as for her mother Nikki Parker who has been crushing on the sexy Professor Stanely Oglyvee who she in true terms who she stalks practically. This show may be one of the greatest comedy shows but their are also lessons learned after each show, the shows deals with Friendships, Realtionships, Trust,Love, Pregnancy,Sex,X-Boyfriends,Rights, etc. This show is the greatest comedy series I ever watched, so this show is a classic.
  • The Parkers( my review inside)

    The Parkers is a great show about Kim Parker (Countess Vaughn) and Nikki Parker (Mo'Nique) trying to make it through but it is comedic, this is a great show to watch with family and its very hard to get tired of. I recommend this if you want to have a good time.
  • This show is for those people who don't care about killing their braincells. It is mindnumbingly funny, but that's all it does, numb you mind.

    I don't understand what an audience with any appreciation for originality or creativity can possibly get from this show. Okay, this show was very funny and if that is all you want out of a show then this is the show for you, but if you want something that will enrich you life then...
  • This is something I watch for a quick laugh.

    This is a real funny show. I watch this everday after Maury and Girlfriends. It's a pretty funny show I just watch just when I need a laugh or just to watch their funny schemes lol pretty funny. Nikki just doesn't seem to take the hint which makes the show funny :).
  • This show is the spinoff of Moesha and its about Nikki and Kim parker going to a community college! This is a really good show just because it makes me laugh all the time especially kim! I love how dumb the make her and its just so funny to watch!

    The parkers was a great show and i still continue to watch it because to me it never gets old! I love how dumb they make KIM shes my favorite and after she left from moesha i started watching this because dumb people make the show lol!! A cool show!

    Wow. I love this show. It is hilarious. I don't mean all that cheap laugh stuff. I mean actual laughs. It's an amazing show. I love how it there are some characteristics that make it different from other shows. An example would be Nikki stalking Professur Ogaleve. Another thing i like is how stupid Kim is. I Love this show
  • great show

    i think the show is great it has so many laughs and i luv nikki and how she always chases the professor everywhere and makes the funniest jokes about them being together even though they r not but thats wat makes it even better. i also luv nikki's daughter and her friends they make the show even funnier.
  • Nikki & Kim are my girls!

    I stumbled across The Parkers when I was reading up on Moesha, it's parent show. All in all The Parkers is funnier than it's predecessor with the mother/daughter exchanges that make the show what it is. I also love the tug-of-war Nikki (The Mom) has with her professor (The Love of her life). All in all it's a must watch!
  • The parkers is just a funny show. My favoirte character is Kim. This Show is just so funny.

    The parkers is just so funny. I like all the cast. Everybody is just so Funny. Kim is so stupid but that whats makes theis a good show. it stupid but at the same time its funny!!. Watch the show and you will see what i mean. MonQuie is funny
  • This show really, is just off the hook, to me. It's so fun, outrageous and incredible! How they add the sense of "Slow-ness" to Kim. How Nikki loves The Professer, how T. is a player. I mean everything!

    The Finale was really off the hook, but very and ultimately obvious. Everyone knew already that Nikki would marry Stanley. But even though we suspected it, they pulled it off, with a twist. It was like, what we suspected didnt even happen, but did in a whole other new way.
  • Nikki Parker and Kim Parker shows the valuable sample of there happiness and situational life going on in the series.

    The series has had alot of most memorable fun times and situational problems. "The Parkers" stars Mo'Nique as Nicole Ann Parker and Countess Vaughn as Kimberly Ann Parker, mother & daughter sharing there lives of a great family relationship. Along Kim's side are Stevie and T who create a group called "Freestyle Unity". Nikki's attractive not interested good looking man Professor Stanley Overweed is a great an absolute teacher of Santa Monica College. And with friends for Nikki like Andell (from Moesha) it couldn't get any funnier with alot of drama, life, happiness and fun times about the series. Wonderful.
  • Do you remember when UPN was watchable?

    Do you remember when UPN was watchable? The Buffy days. I don't, as I don't live in America. However, I do watch the American TV Industry very carefully to see what network's getting the highest ratings, the best shows and the hearts of America.

    It wasn't only Buffy that was watchable. Last year, UPN Moesha spin-off and only decent comedy "The Parkers" finished after 5 superb seasons.

    Although I first thought that the first season had started off pretty poor. I hasn't watched Moesha so I didn't know these characters as well as a lot of people, and the characters were a little OTT. Nikki's obsession with Stanley Oglevee (I really don't see the attraction there) was at first, very annoying and stalker-ish.

    However, as seasons went on, the show began to become more bearable and more entertaining. Kim and Nikki were absolutely superb as mother and daughter, and always put each other first.

    I miss new episodes of "The Parkers". But there's always reruns to watch, and always your own relationships to work on with your parents.