The Parkers - Season 2

UPN (ended 2004)


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  • Love the One You're With
    After meeting Michael's daughter Alisa, Kim agrees to help Michael care for her by looking after Alisa. Over Professor Oglevee, Nikki decides to resume her relationship with Kenny after he extends his forgiveness to her. With Nikki on his mind, Stanley visits a therapist who informs him that he may be falling in love with Nikki. While waiting for Michael to return from work, Kim receives news that there was an oil-rig explosion and Michael may or may not have made it out on time; leaving Kim to care for Alisa.moreless
  • Love and Hisses
    Love and Hisses
    Episode 21
    Professor Oglevee believes that Nikki ruined his date with Toni. He tries to patch things up with Toni by asking her out to dinner again. Kenny, Stanley's friend and the man from the salsa club that Nikki rejected, tells Stanley that he wants another chance with her. Later, Nikki reluctantly agrees to go out on a date with Kenny in the hopes of making Professor Oglevee jealous. As their plan works, Stanley advises Nikki that Kenny is playing with her emotions just to get her in bed and reveals his scheme for her to back off. Hurt, Nikki decides to leave both Professor Oglevee and Kenny alone. Andell thinks that Nikki should give Kenny another chance. Meanwhile, Kim receives a letter from her old high school boyfriend Michael and decides to rekindle their romance. Kim and Michael make up for lost time. But when Michael is always leaving so suddenly, Kim suspects that he's cheating on her. Later, she, T and Stevie learn that he has been seeing a girl named Alisa. When Kim goes to confront him about Alisa, she is shocked to learn that Alisa is the name of his baby daughter...moreless
  • Et Tu Andell?
    Et Tu Andell?
    Episode 20
    The gang hits a local salsa club to help Nikki relieve some stress, but the outing winds up having the opposite effect when she sees Professor Oglevee with the school's new dean of students Toni Ross. Stanley runs into an old friend named Kenny Davis who becomes attracted to Nikki, but Nikki rejects all of his advances. Later, she becomes bothered by Andell's new relationship with Mel.moreless
  • In Sickness and in Health
    Kim, Stevie and T make a music video for their music band, Freestyle Unity, for MTV to air it on their weekly music series. But due to the video's graphic content and since they never received permission to shoot the video on campus, they face getting kicked out of SMC and the banishment to air their video on MTV. But the school decides to give each of them community service arrangements in order to stay in school. Plus, Professor Oglevee has surgery but doesn't have any peace and quiet when Nikki visits him at the hospital. Professor then is ready to go to surgery, but passes out and is already taken. Nikki immediately disguises herself as the doctor to go check in on the Professor's surgery. She came back being mixed into a triple bye-pass surgery. But found Professor in good calm hands. Then he's taken again into a triple by-pass surgery, which Nikki accidentally left on the table from another client. Nikki finds out about the incident and immediately shares the Professors blood in order for him to be fine and back to normal again.moreless
  • Kim Who?
    Kim Who?
    Episode 18
    When Kim rides T's scooter without a helmet, she becomes injured and loses her memory. Everyone, including her dad, Mel, tries to help Kim recall past memories in hopes of her gaining her memory back.
  • Single Black Female
    Single Black Female
    Episode 17
    A new friend named Elaine in Nikki's life threatens the bond between her and Andell, who has a feeling that something is amiss with Nikki's pal. Meanwhile, Kim tries to give up solid foods for two weeks.
  • Hands Off, Grandma
    Hands Off, Grandma
    Episode 16
    Nikki's grandmother, Evelyn Smith, comes to visit and causes friction with Nikki when she tries to seduce Professor Oglevee.
  • Who's Your Mama?
    Who's Your Mama?
    Episode 15
    A young woman named Samantha McGee claims that she and Kim were switched at birth, and that she is Nikki's real daughter. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee enlists the help of Stevie and T to clean up his messy apartment, but they accidentally dispose of the ashes in the urn which is the remains of Stanley's deceased uncle.moreless
  • Blind Date Mistake
    Blind Date Mistake
    Episode 14
    Nikki and Kim go on a blind date with a father-son duo named Ernest and Dwayne Orange when they appear on an episode of the TV show "Blind Date" hosted by Roger Lodge himself. Kim's date, Dwayne, seems to be perfect for her, but Nikki's date, Ernest, is a little too pushy, which quickly irritates Nikki.moreless
  • Field of Dreams
    Field of Dreams
    Episode 13
    For an African-American culture festival, Nikki decides to pay tribute to her great-uncle, a former Negro League baseball player, but she is shocked to learn that her great-uncle was an ex-con. Meanwhile, Kim and Stevie try to live without the convenience of African-American inventions.
  • Mama, I Want to Sing
    The new Reverend at Nikki's church appoints her the new choir director for an upcoming concert. Nikki also thinks that Kim should join the choir as a soloist. But when Kim backs out on an important rehearsal, Nikki kicks her out of the choir and decides that she'll take over as the new soloist. (But she can't sing.) Later, Reverend Wright has been spending a lot of time with Nikki, which leads Nikki to believe that the Reverend is interested in her. When he shows up the next day, he announces to Nikki (who believes he's about to propose to her) that he wants Kim to rejoin the choir for the concert. Relieved, Nikki lets Kim back in the choir.moreless
  • Cheers
    Episode 11
    Nikki tries out for the cheerleading squad and is rejected by Regina and the other members because of her less-than-perfect figure. Kim quits the team, too. Later, both Nikki and Kim fight back by forming a squad of their own. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee tries to act young to impress a young lady. But when she's not interested, she decides to hook him up with her mother.moreless
  • Turkey Day Blues
    Turkey Day Blues
    Episode 10
    A clash between Nikki and Kim over the onions in the stuffing leaves Kim out on the street trying to find a meal on her own. She meets a homeless woman named Wilma McCoy and later they show up at a homeless shelter where Nikki and the gang are serving their Thanksgiving dinner.moreless
  • Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
    As she struggles to come up with an idea to write about for her creative writing class, Kim fantasizes about a world of wealth, lies and deceit based on the 1980s soap Dallas.
  • Election 2000
    Election 2000
    Episode 8
    After hearing that haughty Regina is running for student-body president, Kim decides to run. But after an interview for the school newspaper ends with Nikki answering all of Kim's intended questions, Kim and Nikki have a disagreement; leading to Nikki entering the race and competing with Kim and Regina.
  • Scary Kim
    Scary Kim
    Episode 7
    Kim plays several pranks on Nikki and her friends on Halloween as she gets ready to celebrate her birthday. Kim's best friend, Moesha Mitchell, stops by to receive her Cinderella costume that Kim designed for her. But when a stranger appears at her door and leaves a threatening note, she assumes someone's out to kill her. Later, things get spooky and mysteriously when everyone starts disappearing. As Nikki, Kim and Professor Oglevee search for everyone's whereabouts, they surprise Kim by presenting her scare as a joke.moreless
  • Whassup With Heyyy?
    Inspired by the Whassup Guys at an Entrepreneur convention, Nikki, Kim, Stevie and T go into the shirt business, but, when they can't agree on a slogan, T breaks off on his own called "Heyyy". The girls struggle to sell more than one of their "Dang Momma" t-shirts and T's business proves to be a success. Then Nikki realizes she came up with T's slogan, and she decides to take him to court.moreless
  • J.C. Bowl
    J.C. Bowl
    Episode 5
    Under the watchful eye of Professor Oglevee, Nikki, Stevie and T team up for an academic tournament. The lackluster squad gets a boost when K.B., whose studies revolve around genetics, joins them. But once K.B. meets Kim, his attention begins to wander. Forced by Nikki to choose between the team and Kim, he chooses Kim, a move that upsets Stanley, who wagered two months salary on the team's success.moreless
  • Reunited
    Episode 4
    Nikki moves in with Kim and immediately throws her weight around, giving rise to tension between herself and Kim. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee holds a neighborhood watch in caution of a burglar on the loose.
  • The Oddest Couple
    The Oddest Couple
    Episode 3
    When Professor Oglevee hears of Veronica's engagement, he becomes so depressed that he doesn't notice Nikki's moved in to his apartment. After realizing that he has to move on and that Nikki has moved in with him, Stanley tells Nikki to leave his apartment. Meanwhile, Kim searches for a new roommate after Stevie moves into her parent's home. She prefers her roommate to be a male and comes across Bradley who had just been kicked out of his parent's house. Kim has feelings for Bradley but is saddened to learn that he's gay and throws a wild party in Kim's apartment. After kicking Bradley out, Nikki shows up to let Kim know that she needs a roommate because she gave up the lease for her own apartment.moreless
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do
    While newlyweds Jerel and Kim prepare to leave for Paris, Jerel's mom, Clarise, shows up with a surprise that could threaten their marriage. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee has a falling out with Veronica. So he takes T's advice to date another woman but it turns out he only wants Veronica.
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 1
    After receiving the news that Kim is getting married, Nikki, along with Professor Oglevee, race to Las Vegas to stop the wedding. When their efforts in searching for Kim and Jerel fail, Nikki and Professor Oglevee end up having to spend the night together in the same bed at a tacky honeymoon suite. With Kim still on her mind, Nikki has a dream that Kim is married and pregnant, and Jerel has just been released from prison.moreless
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