The Parkers - Season 3

UPN (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Teach Me Tonight
    Teach Me Tonight
    Episode 22
    Kim is on academic probation and hires a tutor for help with her studies. When she learns that her tutor is her former speed-dating partner Alan, she tries to woo the disinterested fellow. Due to budget cutbacks, Professor Oglevee must fire two of his best associate professors. After appealing to the dean of students, he finds himself out of work. Depressed, Stanley simply makes everyone believe that he has been promoted a job at USC. To celebrate his new job, Woody takes Stanley for a drink at Andell's club where he becomes heavily drunk. Nikki comes to the rescue and later head for the professor's apartment. Stanley finally reveals to Nikki that he lied about his new promotion and that he was fired. Nikki comforts Stanley which later leads to an unexpected kiss.moreless
  • It's Showtime
    It's Showtime
    Episode 21
    After Nikki's friend, Bernetta Campbell, wins the lottery, she quits her job working for Magic Johnson at the Magic Johnson Theatres and recommends Nikki to become the new theater manager. But Nikki's bossy attitude leads her staff to quit. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee has a date with actress Kenya Moore.
  • Mother's Day Blues
    Mother's Day Blues
    Episode 20
    Sophia's mother's day party is interrupted when the IRS evicts the Van Lowes from their home. They later move in with Kim and Nikki on a temporary basis.
  • The Dates From Hell
    The Dates From Hell
    Episode 19
    After her break-up with Aaron, Kim agrees to join Stevie in trying a speed-dating service. Meanwhile, Nikki works at Andell's club and catches Professor Oglevee on a date with another woman who turns out to be married. While on a date, Stevie frets over the fact that she doesn't act very feminine.moreless
  • The Crush
    The Crush
    Episode 18
    Professor Oglevee's nephew develops a crush on Nikki. Meanwhile, Kim feels left out of her cousin's friendship with Stevie.
  • A Beautiful Lie
    A Beautiful Lie
    Episode 17
    Kim, Stevie and T take an I.Q. test as part of a contest to win a car, but after a mixup with the scores, Kim is convinced she is a genius while Stevie's confidence is shattered.
  • Make a Joyful Noise
    Make a Joyful Noise
    Episode 16
    Nikki's in heaven when her choir is chosen to compete in a gospel festival---until Kim's defection to a rival group returns her to Earth.
  • Don't Believe the Hype
    After reuniting with his childhood pal, Lil' Zane, T decides to leave Freestyle Unity, the band he, Kim and Stevie created, on the eve of their scheduled performance at the Spring Jam open mic night.
  • To Love or Not to Love
    After Nikki's crush on Professor Oglevee gets out of hand on Valentine's Day, Kim persuades her to join a support group for the lovelorn. Meanwhile, Kim receives gifts from a secret admirer.
  • My Two Dads
    My Two Dads
    Episode 13
    Nikki's biological father visits, sparking a fierce rivalry with her adoptive dad, George, for her affections. Also, Kim competes with Regina over the planning of a luncheon in Nikki's honor.
  • The Revolution
    The Revolution
    Episode 12
    Professor Oglevee recalls the 1972 incident that led Santa Monica College to institute a Black Studies program.
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa
    Episode 11
    Nikki gets into the Yuletide spirit and prepares her annual Christmas tree-trimming party, but everyone turns her invitations down flat. To lift her spirits, she visits the mall to do her last-minute shopping.
  • Family Ties and Lies
    Nikki is stunned by a revelation about her Aunt Rita when the entire family appears on a game show that exploits family secrets.
  • The Altos
    The Altos
    Episode 9
    Nikki lands an internship at a waste-removal facility and becomes convinced that her new boss is a mobster. Meanwhile, Kim pretends to have multiple personalities in order to appear on MTV's "True Life".
  • Take the Cookies and Run
    Stuck with 6,000 cookies, Nikki taps the girls from her Big Sister program to sell the sweets in exchange for Lil' Bow Wow tickets.
  • Mummy's the Word
    Mummy's the Word
    Episode 7
    Halloween approaches and Kim's excited because her birthday is right around the corner. Believing that her friends are throwing her a surprise birthday party, Kim learns that T and Stevie are not throwing her a party, but instead are looking forward to renting out a house to record a demo tape.moreless
  • Baby, You've Got to Go
    Kim and her new boyfriend, Aaron, reconcile and agree to a living arrangement that forces Nikki to move in with Andell.
  • A Knockout Times Two
    All bets are off as Nikki steps into the ring and goes toe-to-toe in a battle for Professor Oglevee. Meanwhile, Kim finds her soulmate and intellectual equal at ringside.
  • Nobody's Fool
    Nobody's Fool
    Episode 4
    Nikki discovers an unsavory side of Lady Egyptian that leads her to quit her job. While attempting to create her own beauty line, she winds up cooking herself up a tasty new career. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Professor Oglevee and T, they have something in common.
  • Not So Super, Supers
    When the apartment building tenants vote to fire the nosy superintendent Aldo, mechanically challenged Nikki and Kim elect themselves superintendents in exchange for free rent. But a series of mishaps and complaints from the tenants lead them to reconsider whether their new careers are so super after all. Also, Professor Oglevee has eyes for a new tenant, which does not go over well with Nikki.moreless
  • Crazy Love
    Crazy Love
    Episode 2
    Professor Oglevee enlists the help- and vocal stylings- of R&B superstar Brian McKnight in his attempt to woo Nikki away from her new love, Kenny. But she turns a deaf ear to his mating call, forcing Stanley to resort to drastic measures to put an end to Nikki and Kenny's budding romance. Meanwhile, Kim baby sits T's rambunctious cousins.moreless
  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl
    Episode 1
    With Michael missing in the aftermath of the oil-rig fire, it falls to Kim to care for his infant daughter Alisa, a job she's more than eager to do. But Nikki thinks the task calls for more maturity. She contacts Alisa's birth mother to come for her child---alienating her own daughter in the process. Meanwhile, Professor Oglevee tries to disprove his therapist's assertion that he's in love with Nikki by trying to rekindle a romance with Toni.moreless