The Parkers

Season 1 Episode 21

Since I Lost My Baby

Aired Unknown May 15, 2000 on UPN

Episode Recap

Kim comes over bringing the big news to Nikki that Professor Stanley Oglevee and Veronica broke up for good. Nikki is thrilled and happy thinking that now she has the Professor all to himself. So she decides to through a party an hour later. Nikki is fulled with joy and excitement. When she plans on inviting the Professor over, he see's him with another woman named Angela. Nikki is outraged and upset to think that the Professor would find another woman...but that's until Veronica shockingly appears in Nikki's house asking for a talk about Angela. The two plan on getting ride of her for good. The first plan failed putting a bra on the Professor's couch. Then they ask Woody to spy on her and find updates on her, but that was a funny silly fail for sure. So Woody reminds them about a club called 'Lickerish' where there can find Angela's boyfriend, but as they arrive, they see that Angela's lover is really a girl and that the two are lesbians. But then Crystal says to Nikki and Veronica that Angela has to talk to her officially.

The two try to explain to Professor Oglevee but doesn't believe them at all. Then after the frustrations, Nikki and Veronica return to the club and set a plan to bring Angela and Crystal back together, but it backfires, Nikki explains to Angela that Crystal does love you and that she doesn't need the Professor anymore. The Professor finds out and is embarrassed and doesn't want to speak to both Nikki and Veronica again.

Then later Nikki brings home a pie to cheer the Professor up, but finds he was fooling around with Veronica and Veronica lies about Nikki plotting her to make those silly games. In the end, Nikki planned on slamming the pie in Veronica's face but slams it on the Professor and leaves with a touch of the pie and leaving the professor a messy face.