The Partner

FOX (ended 2008)


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The Partner

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Welcome to The Partner guide at The Partner was going to be a new reality project in which a group of recent law school graduates would battle each other to win a job as a partner in a major law firm. Ten one-hour episodes were going to be produced of the project, which comes from Rocket Science Laboratories ("Temptation Island," "Joe Millionaire") and executive producers Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud. "The Partner" was to begin with two teams - one made up of Ivy League grads, the other consisting of players who attended less prestigious schools - and each week they'll serve as prosecutors or defenders in mock trials inspired by actual cases. Winners would be determined by a jury of real people selected by the contestants, with the losing team left to expel one of its members. The elimination process was to be very much like "The Apprentice" rather than like "Survivor". After the Mock Trial, all of the members of the losing team would go on to a courtroom much like the "Board Room". Here, they would each try and defend themselves in front of a celebrity judge. That judge would then chose what losing team member to fire. When it is down to the last two, the show would have had those two go head to head in the shows biggest mock case. The winner would have become "The Partner". The exact rules and contestant eligibility requirements were still being worked out when the show got cancelled. The network never finished talking with several law firms about signing on to the project, which would have likely feature lawyers from said firm acting as advisers to the teams.moreless