The Partridge Family

Season 1 Episode 8

But the Memory Lingers On

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1970 on ABC

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  • The skunk letter

    Continuing with the silly stories that pretty much make no sense at all in the real world, we find the Partridge family doing what they know best (so far) and that is to look like a family but to act and feel as a group of strangers reading from a script. I am a suker for family bonding and togetherness and love and magical connections between cast emembers and this episode rates very low at these levels. A enjoyable episode and with good jokes here and there, but still, I think the show is missing some ingredients. My favorite actor is the skunk.
  • Odor of the Day.

    One of the best episode of the series.The Partridge Family ran into a skunk while on their way to a gig. they stink as hell and must get rid of that smell before the next gig and it won't be easy. They had to perform ikn from of children in the hospital and they are not to be heartbroken. Watching them performiong in front of children in the operating roon is a classic scene. The song "Brand New Me" is a classic. Once again every timne I heard that siong, it time wrap me back to my childhood. I had a wish to meet the Partridge Family in person. that wish was never granted.