The Partridge Family

ABC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • . . . _ _ _ . . . (S.O.S)
      An old high school flame, Navy Captain Charles Corwin, comes to town to rekindle his past with Shirley. But Danny and Keith, who have mistaken the captain for a "ladies man", are out to torpedo the relationship before it leaves port.
    • Pin it on Danny
      Pin it on Danny
      Episode 21
      Danny finds a brooch and gives it to Shirley on her birthday. When the brooch's original owner places a newspaper ad for its return, the kids devise a plan to purchase an identical brooch with the reward money, hoping that Shirley won't find out.
    • Morning Becomes Electric
      The Partridge family gets involved in energy conservation and publicly try to become a "model family" by saving electricity. Taking their efforts even one step further, Danny suggests that the paper should print the name of "energy hogs" for all to see. The only problem is that their own energy savings do not go well and they themselves are in danger of being branded as "energy hogs".moreless
    • Keith and Lauriebelle
      Laurie agrees to pose as Keith's girlfriend to make another girl jealous, but she gets more than she bargained for when Danny complicates the charade by claiming the she is a southern belle.
    • Miss Partridge, Teacher
      Danny is elated when Laurie is appointed as a student-teacher in his seventh-grade class, but it turns out not to be the free ride that he was expecting.
    • Danny Converts
      Danny Converts
      Episode 17
      Danny gets a crush on a jewish girl, and to impress her family he tells her father, Rabbi Stern, that the Partridge family is also Jewish. Things get out of hand when the entire family is invited over to the Stern's for supper.
    • Queen for a Minute
      Queen for a Minute
      Episode 16
      Laurie decides to run for homecoming queen, but only so that she can prove a point about the sexist treatment of women.
    • Danny Drops Out
      Danny Drops Out
      Episode 15
      Danny thinks that school is a waste of his time and talent, and Shirley reluctantly agrees to let him stay at home, knowing that it might be the best way for him to learn the true value of an education.
    • Two for the Show
      Two for the Show
      Episode 14
      Reuben brings his latest musical talents, 14 year-old twin brothers, in to stay with the Partridges while the boys work on their first recording. But things start to go wrong when both of them get crushes on Laurie, threatening to destroy their singing careers before they even get started.
    • Art for Mom's Sake
      Art for Mom's Sake
      Episode 13
      Shirley joins an art class, and the instructor goes overboard with praise about her paintings. But the Partridge kids know that it's not her awful paintings that he's in love with, and they have to come up with a plan to let their mom know the truth without hurting her feelings.moreless
    • Made in San Pueblo
      Made in San Pueblo
      Episode 12
      After a spat with her husband, Shirley's mom moves in to become the family's new maid, and the Partridges have their hands full trying the get the couple back together again.
    • Al in the Family
      Al in the Family
      Episode 11
      After Reuben gives his hapless nephew a job as his assistant, the Partridges soon discover that he has a gift for comedy, and they try to channel his quirky behavior into a successful profession.
    • A Day of Honesty
      A Day of Honesty
      Episode 10
      After Danny gets into trouble sneaking into a movie theater, Shirley tries to teach him about being honest, and the whole family learns an important lesson: when it comes to some things, honesty isn't always the best policy.
    • Heartbreak Keith
      Heartbreak Keith
      Episode 9
      Keith gets the wrong impression when a married college student befriends him in sociology class--he thinks that she wants to leave her husband on his behalf!
    • The Diplomat
      The Diplomat
      Episode 8
      Shirley teaches the fine art of dating diplomacy to an ambassador who's not only a well-known ladies man, but obsessed with his international job as well.
    • The Last Howard
      The Last Howard
      Episode 7
      Laurie meets a new boyfriend, a fellow who claims to be the heir to a large family fortune, when the Partridges play a gig on a cruise ship. But Keith and Danny suspect he is something else--an international jewel thief!
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 6
      Keith finds himself in a jam when he winds up with two dates scheduled for the same evening, and his devious solution to the problem doesn't quite work exactly as planned.
    • Reuben Kincaid Lives
      Reuben becomes suspicious after Shirley and the family surprise him with a birthday party, and he thinks that they know more than he does about his recent physical exam.
    • The Strike-Out King
      Convinced that Danny needs to spend more time with kids his own age, the older Partridges blackmail Danny into joining a Little League baseball team--and Danny's surprising success as a pitcher causes nothing but problems for everyone involved.
    • Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge
      Keith's new girlfriend, a classical music student, convinces him that playing rock 'n' roll is a waste of his talent. Unfortunately, his first concerto written for the college orchestra, doesn't receive the type of critical acclaim that he had hoped for.
    • None but the Onely

      Keith wants a date with the new girl in school, so he writes a less-than-honest letter to Laurie's newspaper column, scheming that she will match them up.

    • Hate Thy Neighbor
      Noise pollution is the issue as the musical Partridges face professional ruin in the fourth-season opener. Seems the new next-door neighbor doesn't dig pop music and has installed a new kind of sound barrier-the law! This episode introduces regular Ricky Segall as the neighbors' four year old son. (1/2 hour)
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